Rivals 2

Rivals 2 Cast Takes Over the VMAs

Last night, some of the cast members from Rivals 2 were lucky enough to be able to attend the VMAs. Let’s check out some of their highlights while we are forced to be envious of them behind a computer screen.


Some of the cast hitting the red carpet. Here’s Camila, Cara Maria, Aneesa, Jordan, and Paula!


Johnny and CT got to hit the red carpet together. Johnny brought a plus-one of course.


Camila making an entrance!


Here are Paula, Camila, and Diem inside with Deena from Jersey Shore!


Looks like Camila and Paula spent most of the night together. Here they are driving to the awards together.


They made sure to snap a photo together when they found Jordan.


And when they found Preston!


Preston also made sure to snap a picture with Lady Gaga.


CT got to meet Kevin Hart!


Johnny Banobblehead rocked out to Justin Timberlake’s performance. I’ll let you guess what his only dance move was.


Cara Maria got to meet Chili and T-Boz from TLC!


Camila and Aneesa met Cedric the Entertainer.


And of course, Cara Maria met Lady Gaga who was asking her for fashion tips.


BONUS: If you ever wanted to know what VMA tickets look like, here they are (thanks to Jordan).


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