The New Kids are Ruining EVERYTHING

This week, we saw Frank complaining to Jonna about the “new kids” on the challenge. They don’t have loyalty to anyone but themselves! Specifically, he lists Nany, Jemmye, and Knight.


Now, let’s take a moment to embrace Frank’s wisdom. Let’s find out if there’s any sense to what he’s saying or if he really does have a delusional view of the “new kids.”

Firstly, I’d like to point out that everyone Frank named on the list is just as new as he is; they all debuted on Battle of the Seasons. In fact, his Real World season is the most recent of the discussed cast members. Jonna isn’t must older either. Rivals 2 is her third challenge. So it’s not surprising that these new kids don’t have strong loyalties coming into the game. They’re rookies and will be targeted as such.

Secondly, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of the new kids are no longer supporting Frank. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of Frank’s allies from Battle of the Seasons have broken their ties with him, and I can understand that’s frustrating to Frank. However, he is in a very unique situation. His teammate Johnny has a lot of support from veterans, so Frank may be a causality in an attempt for new kids to get rid of veterans (like Zach tried to do).

Most of his hostility was harbored toward Jemmye and Knight. I really don’t know what Jemmye ever did to Frank. It does seem that Knight no longer has any alliance with Frank despite the fact that they worked together during Battle of the Seasons.

It really does seem that many of Frank’s friends from Battle of the Seasons are no longer working with him. In that sense, I understand why he may be mad. But the insults toward Jemmye seemed unwarranted and Frank does seem to be under the delusion that he is not a new kid when he really is. If this were a Gauntlet, he’d still be a rookie with people like Knight, Nany, and Jemmye.


2 thoughts on “The New Kids are Ruining EVERYTHING

  1. I said the same thing when I saw this scene. He truly thinks he is so much more then what he is. Love your Gauntlet comment and you’re exactly right! He had the perfect setup having Johnny, one of the strongest Challenge competitors in recent history, as his partner. All he had to do was show up, perform well and enjoy his free ride to the final with Johnny and the veteran alliance! Nobody wants to hear his crazy antics or is unjustified and unwarranted comments. His final Challenge will be when he realizes he has no one in his corner to back him up….and I doubt it will even be a Duel.

  2. This made me mad, because Nany, Knight and Jemmye had done THE EXACT SAME AMOUNT of challenges AS FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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