Competitors Ready for a Final

With only two more Jungles left before the finals, it’s crunch time for the remaining 8 teams. Some people really need to step up their game if they expect to do well in the final, but some people seem ready. Let’s check out the teammates you’d want to have for a final


Paula & Emily: You shouldn’t be surprised to see these two on this list. They’ve performed really well so far, almost perfectly. This week we saw Emily struggle a little bit with the swimming challenge, but Paula was right beside her to help her pick up the slack. Most of the times I would expect Emily to be helping Paula, but this instance just shows how perfectly they compliment each other a teammates.

Diem: We saw Diem begging Aneesa to start training for the final, but the truth is Diem does well with long distance running. This well help her in the final, plus she completed the Battle of the Exes mega-final. She seems to be in good shape… if this were a solo challenge.

Cooke: She came into the game as a wild card, and by this point she had definitely proven herself. She’s looking strong for the final and her partner isn’t too bad either. Now the just have to make sure they survive another Jungle.

Camila: I expected nothing less from her. She is a proven champion who doesn’t hesitate when times are tough. After getting her first win this week, she might just start a winning streak that lasts until she wins the final.


Frank & Johnny: On the guys’ side I see a lot of people I would be concerned with… but not these two. They’ve performed very well so far. Johnny has 4 challenge wins under his belt, so he has tons of practice for the final. And Frank has proven himself as well. Not just by winning Battle of the Seasons, but also in the challenges this season. They might just be the team to beat.

Jordan: The rookies are looking strong this season, but Jordan is the one who has truly impressed me. He’s strong, agile, and seems to be able to persevere thorough the tough challenges. With Marlon by his side he might just give the other guys a run for their money.

As for everyone else, I have reasons to believe they’ll have a hard time in the final. Some of these people aren’t lost causes. Others might as well not show up for the final because I can’t see them winning.



3 thoughts on “Competitors Ready for a Final

  1. i think ct and wes win because if you listen to johhny b. on the bus driver’s route interview on youtube, johnny hinted that how everyone is expecting him to always win first like his dad. so it could mean he didnt actually come first this time.. also i think ct and wes can mantain the lead and beat frank and johhny. johnny gassed out so easily in the challenge.

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