Rivals 2 Episode 9: Top 5 Moments

The challenges are getting down to the wire! Last night found out which 3 males will be competing in the final and who will fall in love before the final. Also, Jemmye said almost nothing on this episode.

1. Seizing The Diem


CT and Diem know that there is an attraction between each other, but Diem is reluctant to act on it. One night, while at the club, Diem feels a force drawing her to CT. Sparks fly, and they share a kiss. But back at the house, Diem goes straight to bed (CT’s bed that is) and passes out. While these two are feeling frisky again, the house takes notices. Other cast members tease the two and some are surprised that Diem is going down this path again.

2. Deja Challenge


This week’s challenge was named Rampage and looked very familiar to the T-Bone Jungle from Rivals 1. Except this time there was a 3 minute time limit for the teams to transport 20 balls. As it turns out, this was a trickier challenge than anticipated. Very few people chose to tackle their opponents, although Preston did try to tackle CT. In the end, Emily and Paula won for the girls (AGAIN) and CT and Wes won for the guys, securing a spot in the final. Unsurprisingly, Preston and Knight come in last and are headed straight to The Jungle.

3. Out of Breath, Full of Luck


This challenge lasted only 3 minutes, but a lot of the challengers struggled with it. Most noticeably, Johnny couldn’t catch his breath and was seen struggling after about a minute. While he did do well enough to not come in last, he was so exhausted that he threw up. Of course, he knew he was still safe from The Jungle, and he was right. Jordan and Marlon got voted in.

4. Out of Shape and In a Fight


After Jordan and Marlon got voted into The Jungle, TJ congratulated Frank and Johnny for making it to the final. Of course, Wes says a slick comment stating that he was excited to compete against someone who couldn’t even complete a 3 minute challenge. Johnny reminds Wes that Kenny had to carry him in his last final (Rivals 1) and reminds CT that Diem had to help him on his last finals (Battle of the Exes). The old men continue to yell at each other and Wes implies that Johnny has no life outside of The Challenge while he owns a Porsche, BMW, monster truck, and 30 companies. Of course, no one could even entertain this lie so the fight promptly ended.

5. A Smashing Final


Knight and Preston faced Marlon and Jordan in the Breaking on Through Jungle. While the rookies felt confident, they didn’t want to underestimate Knight and Preston. Once TJ sounds the horn, the rookies take a lead. However, Knight really struggles at the second level of this challenge and the rookies are able to complete the rest of the Jungle because Knight can break the chains on the second level. Knight and Preston lose the last Jungle, but seem to be somewhat happy that they at least made it that far in the game. Marlon and Jordan earn their spot as the final male team in the finals!

9 thoughts on “Rivals 2 Episode 9: Top 5 Moments

  1. Wes actually is a successful business man and owns a company…While Johnny lives in his mom’s baseman. I have noticed your personal dislikement when it comes to Jonna and Wes.

    1. I don’t really know what Wes does, and I’ve been following him on Twitter for a long time. All I can really say on this topic is that Wes does not portray himself as someone who owns companies. He is able to leave the country for indefinite amounts of time ones or twice a year without constant contact. Something just doesn’t add up.

      As I was writing this post, I was actually thinking that I wanted to do a little investigator work and find out what Wes actually does. I feel like I can’t be the only one who is curious.

      Also, I know that there are some people I talk about less positively than others. I don’t try to hide the fact that I do that, and it’s written in the blog’s “About” section. But I am glad that you’re noticing my biases because that means you actually read the content I put on my blog 🙂

      1. Obviously, I read it…If not I wouldn’t be writing comments. Even Frank that hates Wes have said that Wes is really smart and a successful business man. Diem said he make descent money out of his companies and he have a special relationship with BMP like Beth did in the past so he get extra $$$.

  2. I don’t understand why the vets think Diem should avoid CT. It was Diem who dumped CT and nobody is worried about him. I know that CT did not handle it well and he was sort of mean with Diem later but she was the one who wanted to break up. Nobody is worried about Camila either, although Johnny has used her and treats her like crap.

  3. My only problem is that you did not do your investigating before you wrote the article. Truth is Wes is not what he is portrayed on TV and your hate for him is the exact reason why he is one of the most coveted guys by production. Wes is not alone on Betablox, he has a partner and managers so being away for 6 weeks is not as big of a blow as you might think. Vevmo is a great site to visit if you want the opinions from people who have actually met these cast members. As much as you want to admire the “JEK Empire,” truth is both Johnny and Kenny live with their parents, do not have much going on outside the show besides a t-shirt company that also produces JB bobbleheads. Johnny and Kenny have both not taken advantage of the money they have made on The Challenge and continue to act like they are better than everybody…the almighty Johnny Bananas could not even take the jokes when they came back at him despite the fact that Wes took the jokes from Johnny all season long. You can make your comment how Johnny is more real for the show than Wes is, but remember…they are making a TV show.

    1. Firstly, you are correct. I did not investigate prior to writing this, but I did post the “How Successful Is Wes?” article later on.

      Secondly, Wes & CT vs. Johnny argument was all about who’s in better shape for the final. It may be Johnny, it may be CT, we’ll find out in a few weeks. However, Wes’s ownership of these cars and businesses are not going to help him win the final. They were comments said to belittle Johnny, not prove that he’s in bad shape.

      With that said, I don’t think Johnny is undeserving of being teases.

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