How Successful Is Wes?

I admit that I rolled my eyes when Wes talked about owning 30 companies and having a BMW, Porsche, and a monster truck. Looking at my twitter feed, a lot of others expressed doubts in this claim. So I decided to research Wes’s companies to see if there was any validity to his claims.


What I found was an interview with Pitch where Wes discusses his entrepreneurial ways. He is the founding investor of a company called BetaBlox which is designed to help businesses get up and running. When the company is selected to be partnered with Betablox it is provided with classes and space to start the company. In return, Betablox received a 5% equity in all of the companies it invests in.

Now, I’m not a business person at all. But at the time Rivals 2 was being filmed it appears that Betablox had invested in 30 companies. At this point in time they have probably invested in 40. Perhaps Wes doesn’t own 30 companies, but he is invested in at least 30.

I didn’t check for his cars, but some commenter noted that he posts pictures of them on Instagram. To be honest, he probably does receive a lot of money from this Betablox company so owning those 3 cars is not farfetched.

The article from Pitch does state that reality TV is a thing of the past for Wes, but who knows if he’s really retired. I also wonder why a successful businessman would be able to leave the country for 6-week periods with minimal contact to the outside world and choose to participate in a show where he receives a less-than-flattering edit. Maybe he just loves the challenges that much?

Either way, it looks like there is validity to the claims that Wes made.


4 thoughts on “How Successful Is Wes?

  1. Yeah, he has learned from a few failed investments in his early post-Real World days and has become a very smart business man. Betablox has a pretty tough interviewing process to get accepted, but when accepted they have a state of the art facility with every resource that an entrepreneur could possibly need. It is admirable to see one of these reality stars actually making something of themselves because who knows how many more seasons The Challenge has left.

  2. He looks like a typical meathead but obviously he has something going on for him, unlike many of the MTV guys who are always partying or going to the gym endlessly.

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