Rivals 2

Who’s The Most Out of Shape?


This week we saw Wes and CT criticizing Johnny after a poor performance during the Rampage challenge. Sure, Johnny did poorly, but he wasn’t so terrible that he came in last place. Still, other people viewed this as a sign that Johnny is getting old and out of shape.

Wes and CT did really well on the challenge. In fact, they finished so quickly that Wes asked for more balls (which they didn’t have because the balls were just leftovers from the Catch 22 Jungle). When these two criticized Johnny, he was quick to retaliate by bringing up their poor performances in past finals.

So who’s the most out of shape? It’s hard to say.

Johnny has slowed down a bit since we last saw him on Battle of the Exes, but aside from the Rampage mission he has done well enough. Plus, his teammate Frank has been performing exceptionally well. Truthfully, this one mission isn’t enough for me to completely lose confidence in Johnny but his age is starting to show.

CT has been performing as well as usual this season. I have a hard time calling him the weakest. Johnny brought up the fact that CT ran out of gas on the Battle of the Exes final and that is a valid concern for CT. Diem credits their lose on Exes to CT smoking, a habit he has not given up.

Then there’s Wes, who has done pretty well this season (aside from quitting the XXX Games). Yes, he cramped up on the Rivals final but he still made it to the check point before Johnny and Tyler. However, I can’t overlook the fact that he lost a lot of muscle mass. If he isn’t hitting the gym, a final challenge may be really hard on him.

Who do you think is the most out of shape… or at least in the worst shape for the final?


  1. This is a well written article, but I respectfully disagree with your assessment. Wes losing muscle mass is most likely a good thing, just as it appears that Johnny’s muscle mass could be hampering him because conditioning did not appear as a top priority for him because of his previous success. Muscle and conditioning are two totally different things, and men who have more muscular frames usually are on a different diet that is targeted to gain muscle/weight. The extra weight makes it a little more difficult running long distances. Wes and CT were shown running preparing for the upcoming final and I am sure they started running earlier in the season than that. My point being that it might be easier for a person who is skinny to get in running shape over someone who has a bulkier frame. You rightfully noted that Wes beat Johnny to the checkpoint on Rivals and CT also held most of the lead on Exes…I believe both CT and Wes treated these finals like a sprint and not a marathon which is the reason why they each fell victim on day 2. This was their fault and mistake, but I think both men have learned from prior mistakes and will take the steps necessary to correct them. You learn a lot more from a loss than a win, which is why I do not believe this previous episode was a mistake, but foreshadowing.

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