Rivals 2

Cooke and Cara Maria… the Team to Beat?

All season long we’ve seen the rivals teams compete in various challenges, and Paula and Emily won the majority of them. This week we saw Cooke and Cara Maria snag their first win, securing a place in the final.


Color Correction, the challenge Cooke and Cara Maria won, has the strongest resemblance to a final out of any challenge done this season. They had to run 4 miles and their only breaks were to memorize colors or stack some plates.

The fact that they were able to defeat front runners Paula and Emily proves that they can get their act together when they have to. In fact, I think that they’re a team that Paula and Emily ought to fear.

If I had to guess, either Paula and Emily or Cooke and Cara Maria will win the final. Regardless of which other female team returns, both possess and individual who isn’t a strong runner (Aneesa and Jemmye).

Perhaps Cooke and Cara Maria aren’t considered the strongest team (yet), but they’ve really made a name for themselves throughout the season and they’ve become an underdog team to root for.


  1. I hope cooke and cara maria win. They have been strong and have gone to many more challenges. They should be the team that the others fear…go cooke and cara maria :))

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