Rivals 2

Rivals 2 Episode 11: Top 5 Moments

One girls team heads home, and remaining teams are faced with many twists and turns prior to the final challenge.

1. The Last Thread


We pick up right were episode 10 left off. Diem & Aneesa vs. Camila & Jemmye in the Hanging By a Thread Jungle. As soon as the teams are turned upside down, Aneesa & Diem panic because they can’t reach the ropes. Camila & Jemmye manage to stay calm, despite the fact that Camila is the shortest girl and should have the most difficult time reaching the rope. Once Diem & Aneesa reach the ropes they lack any strategy while Camila & Jemmye are supporting each other. Johnny yells to Diem and tells her to hold the rope tight and cut from the bottom. She takes his advice and starts to make progress but it’s too little too late. Camila & Jemmye win The Jungle and earn the final spot in the final challenge.

2. Toky-Oh No.


After the Jungle TJ mentions that it’s really hot in Thailand and he’s sick of the heat. Once the cast is back at their house, they dwell on this comment. Paula knows that over the course of the past few seasons the finals are in different countries so the cast starts to anticipate a text announce where they’ll be heading. Johnny finally receives it, and the cast is told that they’ll be going to Tokyo. While some cast members are excited, Paula freaks out because she can’t navigate cities and Wes is upset because he feels that such a different environment will equalize the playing field.

3. Tokyo Drift


The cast is on the bus heading to Tokyo, and then they are attacked by Ninjas! OK, it’s just TJ and his Thai friends. But they’re no longer going to Tokyo. Instead, it’s final time! But that’s not the only twist in store for the cast.

4. It Takes Two


TJ announces that not only is the first leg of the final challenge beginning, but that only 2 teams of each sex will see the full final. The first legs has three parts: a swim from a yacht to the beach, a puzzle, and kayak ride back to the yacht. Marlon and Cara Maria are terrified because swimming is their weak point and could cost them the final. However, the block puzzle proves to be the most difficult part. Cara Maria and Cooke solve it quickly and are the first girls to the yacht while CT and Wes are the first guys. Emily and Paula manage to complete their puzzle and become the second female team. This ends Camila and Jemmye’s trip to the final.

5. A Turn For the Worst


Neither Jordan and Marlon nor Frank and Johnny solve their block puzzle and after an hour they can move onto the kayak race. Jordan and Marlon are slightly behind, but they prepare themselves to row quickly. The race between the teams is on! …until one kayak capsizes. But we don’t know whose kayak it is. One last cliffhanger before the season is over I guess.

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