Diem Brown

Is Diem Done With Challenges?

After the most recent episodes of Rivals 2 showing the events leading to her elimination, Diem has taken to her people.com blog to voice her opinions and concerns over the episode.


In her post she discusses her relationship with production, why the decided to return to the challenges just 2 weeks off of chemo, and the eventual concerns of being in a foreign country during this time.

She also discusses her reaction to her “true colors” being shown, and the extreme hate that she received after the airing of the episodes. Now, I admit that I wasn’t a fan of how Diem was playing the game but there’s a difference between being a bad challenger and a bad person.

She also announced her retirement from the challenges. She now feels that she’s at a point in her life where she should move on, but she doesn’t hold grudged toward anyone.

Looks like she’ll being joining Mark, Wes, Jasmine and others in the challenge retirement hall.


  1. Where did you hear Wes is retiring? I never read or heard anything about that anywhere, I doubt he is, if he was, he would have made it known to the world by now.

    1. I was being sarcastic. Wes, Mark and Jasmine have all publicly retired from challenges only to appear on multiple challenge afterwards.

      With that said, if you view the article mentioned on my “How Successful Is Wes” post he does allude to his retirement.

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