Rivals 2

Rivals 2 Episode 12: Top 5 Moments

Picking up were we left off last week, the winners of Rivals 2 were crowned last night.

1. Dead at Sea


Johnny & Frank and Marlon & Jordan were racing to the yacht to claim the final spot in the final challenge. Knowing they were slightly behind, the rookies were trying frantically to catch up with Johnny & Frank. Luck was not on their side because they were not able to get balanced and their boat tipped over. Johnny & Frank make it to the yacht first, eliminating Marlon & Jordan from the race.

2. Quick Thinking


The final challenge brings the cast to Nightmare Island. On the island there are five stations, and once a station is complete the team will be awarded a statue. The statue must be brought back to the base before a team can advance to the next station and the first team to collect all five statues will receive the golden elephant and be crowned the winners of Rivals 2.

Of course, the final started with a swim, Cara Maria’s downfall. But the first station was a puzzle where the teams to had jump pegs until only one remained (also known as the puzzle on every Cracker Barrel table). Wes & CT finish it quickly, and Cooke & Cara Maria follow, giving these two teams the lead. Both teams hold their lead after the second station where they had to answer a math problem using the Pythagorean Theorem.

3. Eating Away at the Lead


Station 3 was the most dreaded of all, the eating station. Teams had to consume a plate of peppers, a bottle of pickled fish soup, dried squid, some Thai fruit, and a plate of crickets and maggots. Wes & CT finish first, likely because they had the lead coming into this station. Cooke & Cara Maria really struggle while Paula is shoveling the food down. She is able to pass Cooke & Cara Maria giving her team the lead.

4. Dead Weight


The fourth station required teams to carry 20 body bags across a field using a gurney. The lead really paid off for CT & Wes who finish first and maintain their lead. Paula & Emily are also able to zip through this station, proving that years of Cross-fit pays off. The other two teams are distraught, especially Cooke & Cara Maria who knew this was their chance to regain their lead. The fifth station required teams to dig a tunnel and break through bamboo to retrieve the final statue, but Emily & Paula and Wes & CT complete this station before their opponents reach it.

5. And the Winners Are…


Wes & CT win! Marking CT’s fist win of his 9 challenge appearances. Wes also wins his second challenge out of the 8 he has appeared on. Paula & Emily win for the girls. This is Paula’s second victory out of her 10 challenges, but her second win in her most recent three appearances. Emily also wins for the first time. Prior to this challenge she has always made it to the final and come in third. Her curse is broken!

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