Johnny Bananas

Will Johnny Bananas Break a Record Tonight?


Johnny Bananas returned to The Challenge after winning Battle of the Exes and taking a one-season break, skipping Battle of the Seasons. Now, he is close to breaking a Challenge record, one that has been in the record books for quite a while.

If Johnny wins the final tonight he was win his 5th challenge, making him the competitor with the most Challenge wins ever. The record was set by Darrell when he won Fresh Meat in 2006 and it has held for 12 seasons (Fresh Meat being the 12th season and Rivals 2 being the 24th). When Johnny won Battle of the Exes in 2012 he matched Darrell’s title earning his fourth victory (he has also won The Island, The Ruins, and Rivals 1).

Tonight Johnny has the opportunity to become the most decorated Challenger ever. The only things that stand in his way are powerhouse team CT & Wes and rookie team Jordan & Marlon. In fact, if the rookies defeat Johnny & Frank in the first leg of the final he will lose his chance at setting the record because he will not advance to the final legs of the final challenge.

If he loses this final, it will be the second time he appeared in a final and lost, the first being on The Inferno 3.


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