Rivals 2

Rivals 2: Reunion Moments

All-in-all this live reunion was fairly repetitive. We didn’t learn a whole lot of new information, especially if you’ve watched the Aftershows. But here are the new tidbits of information that we did learn:


Tidbit 1: The winners are happy they won.

Tidbit 2: Paula knows how to pick good rivals and exes. She is glad to have been paired with Evelyn, Emily, and powerhouse Dunbar.

Tidbit 3: What happens on social media comes back on the reunion.

Tidbit 4: Knight is mad about the things Frank said about Jemmye. He doesn’t consider Frank a man, and he thinks that Frank is one of those people who needs he jaw broken to learn from it.


Tidbit 5: Knight might just be the one to do it.


Tidbit 6: This is live TV.

Tidbit 7: If you hit someone, or get hit, you’re allowed to leave the stage like it’s a Bad Girls Club reunion.

Tidbit 8: Diem feel bad about the way that she acted prior to her final elimination.


Tidbit 9: Diem attributes her emotional behaviors to “menopause” and the fact that she was taking steroids (doctor prescribed! not illegal) after her chemotherapy which finished two months prior to filming this challenge. The rest of the cast backs her up on this.

Tidbit 10: There are a lot of girl-on-girl hook-up, but Emily won’t give names.


Tidbit 11: Cara Maria believes she is an upgrade from Naomi.

Tidbit 12: Everyone agreed not to clap for Naomi’s replacement prior to Cara Maria revealing herself.


Tidbit 13: CT isn’t going to talk about his hook up. He tried to make Jonny Mosely look like a fool for asking about them.


Tidbit 14: He also didn’t want Diem to talk about his hook ups and interrupted her when she tried to.


Tidbit 15: Marlon was annoyed with Knight prior to the charades incident. That was just the final straw.


Tidbit 16: Preston didn’t say much, but he looked American idol’s attempt to recreate the 80’s.


Tidbit 17: Frank has apologized to Jemmye for the comments. They want to move on.


And there you go, everything you needed to know from the reunion in a nutshell.

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