Rivals 2

Congratulations to the Winners of Rivals 2!

Now that the season is over, the final is episode has aired, and you’ve had the time to watch it, I’d like to congratulate the winners of Rivals 2 and post some facts about them.


After a long and tough season, CT & Wes and Emily & Paula emerged victorious. Johnny Bananas even said that the teams who deserved to win this season won.  Though neither team ever saw a Jungle, their opponents would have had a hard time getting them into a Jungle because they won so many challenges.

CT’s victory comes 10 years he made his challenge debut. Prior to this victory he was the male with the most appearances in final challenges without a victory with four appearances (Jenn holds the record for the females, with four appearances as well). It took CT 9 challenges to finally get a win, breaking Paula’s record of 8 attempts to get her first win.

Wes gets his second win on Rivals 2 following his win on The Duel in 2007. It took Wes over 6 years to get his second win, the longest gap between victories.


Emily wins her first challenge in her third Challenge attempt. She remains one of the few challengers to have never been eliminated. Prior to this season she only finished in 3rd place (on Cutthroat and Battle of the Exes) in a final. Aside from Team San Diego, she is the only Challenge winner from a Real World season in the 20’s.

Paula becomes the first Real World female to win 2 challenges. Of course, she now holds the record of most challenge appearances with 10. I wonder how many wins Emily would have accumulated if she appeared on 10 Challenges?

All four of these competitors have proven themselves to be strong and strategic, and they’ve certainly earned their share of the prize money.



  1. What about Zach, Ashley, Sam, and Frank from San Diego who won Battle of the Seasons? …for being challenge winners from real worlds in the 20s

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