Best Challengers Without a Win

Emily and CT snagged their first win on Rivals 2, and they were certainly deserving of those wins. Now that they’ve moved from “challenger” to “champion,” I think we ought to take a look at the people who still have not got the gold.


Sarah– Whenever she gets the chance to run on her own two feet, she really impresses me (and many others). Unfortunately, as myself and many others have noted, she has been plagued with terrible partners time and time again. Out of her 7 challenges appearances she has made it to three finals, lost in two eliminations, and been ejected from the game twice because of her partner’s actions. I feel her victory is overdue at this point.

Laurel– Laurel is in an elite group of people who have never lost an elimination round. Surprisingly, her elimination success does not translate into overall challenge success. On all three challenges she appeared on she finished in second place. Hopefully she will get the gold in the near future, but I’ll settle for her just returning to do another challenge.

Cara Maria– Having appeared on 6 consecutive challenges may seem excessive to some (certainly not Sarah) but Cara Maria has come so close to victory a few times that it’s understandable that she’d want to keep trying. She made it into three finals, and always came in second place. Maybe next season she’ll finally win… or maybe she’ll finally take a break. Who knows?

Emily Bailey– Back in the early days of The Challenge, Emily was the mean girl of the show. She was also really good, but not good enough to get a victory. She was a member of the losing Road Rules team on The Extreme Challenge and then on Battle of the Seasons. On Battle of the Sexes she was really running shit in the house, but then quit the game when her boyfriend James was eliminated and we never saw her again.

Jenn– I simply can’t overlook the fact that Jenn has made it into four finals and still never won, more than anyone else without a victory. If she ever returns, she might make it back into the finals again. Winning would be awesome, but coming in second would be a step up for her. Jenn has come in last place on every final challenge she competed in.

challenge leroy

Leroy- Representing Real World Las Vegas 2, a season that loves to come into the finals and lose, Leroy has certainly shown some physical strength in these challenges. He’s best known for making it into the finals on his first challenge and taking out Wes on his second. One thing he’s not known for…winning.

CJ– Almost-pro football player and Real World Cancun’s stud, CJ seems like her was built for these challenges. On Fresh Meat 2 he left due to some rookie mistakes and on Battle of the Seasons he was leading his team into victories until Zach defeated him in overtime in The Arena. Still, I know he has the strength to win.

Dustin– It seems like the only thing Dustin can’t do on these challenges is win. He excelled in most mission on Battle of the Seasons and completed the final… with TRISHELLE. Sarah couldn’t even dream of doing that.

Who’s your favorite challenger without a win? Let me know!


  1. I’ve always felt bad for Brandon (FM2) in Cutthroat. In addition to that, much like Sarah, he has been paired up with some bad players (Katelynn, EZ). Speaking of Fresh Meat 2, what ever happened to Noor and Pete?

  2. Had to laugh at Jenn. She makes it the finals only because she’s friends with the big dogs and slides in. She never earns it. That’s why she’s always in last place — she doesn’t have what it takes to win (and usually doesn’t belong in the finals, coming from a physical/competitive stand point). It goes to show that there’s so much more to these then just being a good competitor. You have to be strategic and know how to play people to your advantage.

  3. LOL this reminded me of CJ and Sydney’s Fresh Meat elimination…that was embarassing.

    I’ve liked Sarah since I saw her on the Ruins. She gets on my nerves when she’s too cocky but I’d like to see her win.

    1. I always liked Ruthie because she was one of the smaller contestants who always a challenge machine one battle of the sexes 1 and 2. Even though she got eliminated by Kim on the duel 2 she still proved to be great competitor and hope she will still do another challenge.

  4. Actually according an interview Sarah gave, she said she never been more prepared to win a challenge and the most disappointed when talking about Rivals 2. She did dream about it but they went down the stairs (Pun intended).

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