Challenge Soul Mates

I recently received an email with an interesting topic for a post from a reader named Supermom. Like many viewers, she has noticed that some Challenge couples aren’t just for show and have lasted off camera. Here’s what she writes:

Few reality tv couples stand the test of time. A few MTV Challenge couples that have lasted way longer than I think anyone would have guessed. Which begs the question—Can someone find their soul mate while binge drinking and back stabbing on national tv?
Brad & Tori
 soulmates bradt
Brad & Tori met on The Challenge: The Gauntlet. They subsequently appeared on two other seasons of The Challenge together. Brad spent most of the time on The Challenge: Cutthroat trying to appease Tori’s incessant whining. Which served as a testament to fact that they had a real relationship outside of the limelight….and that Brad was afraid of having to sleep on the couch for the rest of his life.
They went on to marry and have a baby boy. They might not have been the most dynamic couple in Challenge history, but their relationship is definitely the most legally binding.
CT & Diem
 soulmates ctdiem
From the minute CT & Diem met on the The Challenge: The Duel their chemistry was electric. Sadly their relationship didn’t last. However, every season of the Challenge that they have been on together their love (or lust) seems to be rekindled. The sparks started to fly between them again on the latest season of The Challenge and CT even went as far as to tell Diem that he still loved her.  Diem didn’t return the sentiment.  But if you are like me you are crossing your fingers that they manage to find their way back to each other. And that the cameras are there to capture every minute!
Dustin & Heather
souldmates dheather
 Dustin and Heather immediately began flirting on Real World: Las Vegas. After Dustin ‘wifed up’ Heather most of the season, Heather discovered that Dustin starred in gay porn before appearing on the Real World. This omission tore them apart. But their season on The Challenge: Battle of the Exes seemed to bring them back together.  If managing to work through the fact that your mom told you that your boyfriend used to be in gay porn isn’t love–then really what is?
Are there other soul mates who have emerged from The Challenge? Who do you think are truly soul mates?


  1. Real World San Fran: Pam and Judd
    Real World Boston Sean and Real World San Fran Rachel (Met on a challenge)

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