Real World Ex-Plosion

San Francisco: The Right Location?

In case you haven’t heard, the next season of The Real World is taking place in San Francisco, a city who previously hosted the filming of The Real World nearly two decades ago.

The original San Francisco is somewhat of a legend in The Real World’s history. This was back during a time when the show was more of a documentary than anything else. The season profiled Pedro as he struggled with AIDS, Rachel the republican from Texas, bad boy Puck who was a bike messenger from San Francisco, and his vegan replacement roommate Jo as she divorced her husband. Pedro knew his time was limited, but he made the most of his remaining time by educating others on safe sex practices and embracing the new relationships he was forming in San Francisco. He even met his partner Sean Sasser during filming, who unfortunately passed away in August of 2013.

Though Pedro passed away shortly after the season finished airing, his legacy lives on. He was recognized by President Bill Clinton, had a movie about he live made, and many of his roommate support his mission to educate youth on safe sex practices and AIDS awareness. This especially holds true to his friends and roommates Judd Winick and Pam Ling. They married after filming their season, Judd illustrated and authored a book about his time with Pedro, and Pam is now a doctor who specializes in care for those with HIV/AIDS.

Now it’s 2013. And we have this…

real world san francisco cast

A new group of kids filming their Real World season in San Francisco. The show has significantly evolved since 1994, but will this group tarnish the reputation established by the original cast?

Now, San Francisco is not the first repeat location. It joins Las Vegas, New York, New Orleans, and others as cities that have hosted multiple Real World seasons. But San Francisco is arguably the most influential Real World season, and returning to the city leaves the new cast big shoes to fill.

It seems unlikely to me that The Real World, in its current format, will live up to the standards set by the original San Francisco season. I don’t know much about this cast, but current seasons place a strong emphasis on partying, fighting, and hook ups. There has been less of an emphasis on social issues (though some seasons do have their focus on certain issues).

One thing that is certain is that we will see how San Francisco has evolved as a city. I’m excited to see how the group of roommates react to their environment and how individuals react to all of the personalities in the house.

What do you think? Should The Real World return to San Francisco? Will the new season affect the reputation of the original San Francisco season? I’ve love to hear your comments.


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  1. This cast have a total of 11 cast members, 1 left or got kicked out and 4 them came as the twist they announce before filming.

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