All Thirty Two Real World Seasons Ranked

The Real World is officially back… on Facebook Watch this time. While the season is simply called “Real World Atlanta,” that does not pay respect to the 32 prior seasons of the show. That is a lot of history and a lot of people have viewed the show over the years. Here is my ranking of all thirty-two prior seasons. This is clearly biased, but I do … Continue reading All Thirty Two Real World Seasons Ranked

31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

Last year, when Real World Skeletons was about to debut, I took a look at the most forgettable Real Worlders. As we approach the next Real World season, it’s time to look at the most memorable Real Worlders. These are the people who defined the show, made it worth watching, and most importantly have paved the path for future seasons. This list is based entirely … Continue reading 31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

Love Story: Pam & Judd

If you doubt that relationships from reality TV shows can last, here’s the couple that will prove you wrong. Flashback to 1994 when The Real World was originally in San Francisco. This season introduced Judd Winick and Pam Ling to each other; two individuals with very different backgrounds. Judd was an aspiring cartoonist, while Pam was a medical student. Though Pam was in a relationship … Continue reading Love Story: Pam & Judd

10 Heartbreaking Real World Moments

The Real World isn’t just about partying. Cameras roll during the best times and worst times, and this past week they caught one of the saddest moments in Real World history when Jay received a phone call informing him that his mother passed away. Below are a list of some of the saddest moments ever caught on Real World cameras. This is not a list … Continue reading 10 Heartbreaking Real World Moments

San Francisco: The Right Location?

In case you haven’t heard, the next season of The Real World is taking place in San Francisco, a city who previously hosted the filming of The Real World nearly two decades ago. The original San Francisco is somewhat of a legend in The Real World’s history. This was back during a time when the show was more of a documentary than anything else. The … Continue reading San Francisco: The Right Location?

Real World 29: Heading Back to San Francisco!

Casting for Real World 29 has been going on for a while, and I had been waiting for an announcement of the new Real World location for a while. Well, according to this source the next season will take place in San Francisco! This is the second time the show has filmed in the city. The original season aired in 1994 and introduced us to … Continue reading Real World 29: Heading Back to San Francisco!