What It Takes To Get On The Real World

So you want to be on The Real World? Well, there’s a long casting process for that. But what I really wanted to talk about was the commitment you make just before you enter the house. After audition against thousands of people your final barrier to entrance is agreeing to your contract, which has some pretty interesting clauses in it.

I know it’s a bit old, but another blog has acquired the 30 page contract required for being a Real World roommate. The article dates back to 2011, so it likely was a contract used prior to filming the San Diego season. But I doubt a lot has changed.


Here are some of the things you agree too…

– If you die, or lose limbs, and it’s not productions fault.

– Production is not responsible for you STDs (which makes sense. It’s not their fault your slutty-ass got chlamydia.)

– Cast members must get permission from producers before engaging in press-related media.

– Production owns the rights to all filmed content, phone called, e-mails, etc.

– Production monitions e-mails.

– The cast must pay for long-distance phone calls.

– You may get kicked off the show if you’re pregnant. It will be filmed.

– There’s also a collection of ways they can edit media to create a story.

To be honest, nothing really shocked me. Yes, the process is very intrusive, but that’s exactly what the Real World is. Production has a lot of access to personal information, which seems daunting with no reasoning behind it, but when reason is applied it kind of makes sense. For example, production probably has the right to access school records and other personal info to conduct a thorough background check. And production can monitor e-mail, probably to make sure you’re not leaking spoilers.

I just wanted to share this article with you guys, since I don’t have any other real news for you during this down time.


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