Jemmye Carroll Visits Dr. Oz

Anyone who has seen her season of The Real World knows that Jemmye has a pretty complicated past. So when she found herself on Dr. Oz, it would seem likely that she would open up about something from her past.

Wrong. Her appearance of the show went back to her hatred for ketchup, a phobia was witnessed on Rivals 2.


Unfortunately, I was unable to find a clip of she show, but I did find a blog post recapping her experience on the show (though she is referred to as “Jenny”).

In a nutshell, she revealed that she is so afraid of ketchup she can’t even touch a bottle and that her friends like to taunt her with ketchup. Dr. Drew suggested that her troubles with ketchup could stem from issues with trust and honesty. To conquer her fear, he suggested reframing her opinion of ketchup before seeing a trigger.

She can, and seemed willing to, take steps to recover from her phobia by seeking out counseling in her hometown with the McDonald’s dollar menu a therapist.


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