Challenge: Free Agents

Challenge 25 Format (Possible Spoilers)

So we still don’t know a lot about the upcoming challenge other than the cast. While a lot of people try to avoid elimination spoilers, I have had quite a few people ask me about the format of the upcoming challenge.

Without give you any elimination spoilers, I want to tell you what I know about the format of the season. So if you don’t want to know this information, I recommend you do not read any further into this post.

I’ll also start with a little piece of info that’s unrelated to the format, but may pertain to the upcoming challenge. Zach (who is a member of the upcoming challenge) posted this Instagram picture of Ashlee Feldman (his girlfriend, also RW:New Orleans 2 cast member)


The shirt she’s wearing might be Zach’s shirt from the upcoming challenge. In the past, he never had a purple jersey. And it’s not a jersey from Rivals 2 because it has the MTV logo on the left chest.

Of course, this tells us absolutely nothing.


As far as I know, we’re not 100% sure of the Challenge 25 format yet. But we do know pieces. Now, I was told this info from other Challenge fans, but I assume this info can be credited to the same individuals who compiled the Challenge 25 cast list.

We don’t know if this an individual or team challenge. It is believed that in the beginning (at least the first mission) is a team challenge. However, it is believed later challenges are individual.

As far as eliminations go, the cast (AKA “the mob”) votes in one person. The rest of the cast draws cards. All but one card will indicate safety. The person who draws the one unlucky card will be the second person in the elimination round.

Elimination rounds are are games we’ve seen on prior challenges. It’s believed that Ball In (Inferno 2), Reverse Tug of War (Gauntlet 2), and Hall Brawl (Battle of the Seasons) are possibilities.

It’s also believed that “The Challenge” will just be named “The Challenge.” It won’t be “The Gauntlet” or “The Duel” or anything like that.

What do you guys think about this info? And if you have more info than I have here, please tweet @ me or shoot me an e-mail.


  1. they should have played last chance from Rivals 2, but all of the cast members would sue mtv for millions of dollars in twenty years after they claimed they didn’t know of the pernicious affect head injuries can have

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