No Longer the True Story of Seven Strangers?

This is the true story… of seven strangers… picked to live in a house… work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when people stop being polite… and start getting real… The Real World (city).

Or… at least it used to be. During all of the previews for Real World Ex-Plosion we saw a lot of arrows shooting through heart-shaped balloons, which then exploded and released colored liquids.


Little did we know, these clips were part of the new theme song. Over the years, the theme has been slightly altered.

The location was added to the very end after the first season. Work together” wasn’t part of the theme song until Seattle. New York-London didn’t include those words while Miami’s intro said “start a business” and Boston’s intro said “volunteer some time.”

And the strangers weren’t always “picked to live in a house. They’ve been picked to live “on a pier” (Seattle), “in paradise” (Hawaii), “in a mansion” (New Orleans), “in a loft” (Chicago), “a casino” (both Las Vegas seasons), “in France” (Paris), “down under” (Sydney).

It wasn’t always “seven strangers” either. In Seattle, it was “seven people.” In Brooklyn, Cancun, DC, and New Orleans 2 it was “8 people.”

More or less, the format of the intro  hasn’t been drastically altered. That is, until this season. Now we have some club music, exploding balloons, and clips from the season. Prior to seeing this intro, I was curious how they would include the fact that were will eventually be eleven people, and the fact that the season was called “Ex-Plosion” and not “San Francisco.” Little did I know, this was not a concern because the original intro has been scrapped.

As a long time fan, this change has hit me hard. I’ve been very willing to embrace the new changes on the show, but I will miss the old theme. This new intro just don’t feel right…

I guess the changes are real, and I’m sue we’ll be seeing more.

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