Have Thomas & Jamie Found Love on The Real World?

Anyone who has seen previous Real World seasons knows that it’s not uncommon for two roommates to form a bond in the house. Sometimes this bond lasts outside of the house, and other times what happens in The Real World house stays in The Real World house.

jthomas2 When Thomas and Jamie initially entered The Real World house, there didn’t seem to be a strong connection. By the second day, they seemed to notice each other more and began spending more time together.

Episode two really showcased the budding romance. Yes, there was some arguing, but it seems that they cleared the air before committing to a relationship. And to be honest, I think that was the best move for these two. Thomas said he would rather be upset over the truth than happy believing a lie, and at least their relationship wasn’t built on any lies.

Even in the club where Jamie was interfering with Thomas as he talked to other girls, she was being honest with him. She made it obvious that she was looking for commitment, and by the end of the episode the two dubbed each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Of course, this is The Real World, not a movie from the Disney vault; happy ending aren’t guaranteed. Thomas mentioned that he doesn’t just sleep around, there has to be a deeper connection before he visits Poundtown. Given the fact that this is Real World “Ex-Plosion,” it seems likely that he will have a lot of history with his ex. Once the exes enter the house, it’s almost guaranteed that drama with ensue.

jthomasThis scenario poses the question of whether or not Thomas and Jamie can survive their unique Real World experience. Hailey, Thomas’s ex, seems to have some lingering feelings. Knowing that Jamie can be blunt and hates cheaters, I’d guess that she won’t take kindly to anyone who may interfere with her relationship.

Fortunately, Jamie’s ex is not entering the house. So that’s one less problem to deal with.

I anticipate this relationship being a topic of discussion in a few of the upcoming episodes, so before we see anything, I’d like to hear what you guys think? Will this relationship survive the “ex-plosion?”


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