Real World Ex-Plosion

Real World Ex-Plosion: Top Moments from Episode 3

This week we saw highs and lows, all of which happened on the telephone. Let’s check out the best and worst moments from this week’s Real World Ex-Plosion

1. Jealousy Ensues


It’s a new day and a new episode. In fact, it’s Jenny’s birthday, and the cast is going out. She dances with a guy she meets at the club, and of course Cory is jealous. Once they’re back home, Jenny and Cory start arguing and Cory runs around the house saying “Day 2,” (the day they first hooked up). Though they’re both jealous, they realize their jealousy stems from some type of feelings toward each other.

2. Phony Girl


As many people know, roommates in the Real World house can only use the main house phone. Jay brought a list of phone numbers he needed and kept them in the phone room. One day they are found ripped up, but no one in the house is willing to take responsibility. Of course, Ashley is the culprit, but she doesn’t remember ripping up his numbers in her drunken state. Ultimately, these ripped up numbers prevent Jay from calling his sick mom for two days.

3. The Worst Call


Jay’s father calls to inform him that his mother passed away. She was supposed to go into surgery (she had been battling cancer for years) but didn’t make it through the procedure. Jay is shocked, and has to turn to his roommates for support. All of them are available for him, and turn into his main support system. Soon after receiving the call Jay leaves to return to New York for his mother’s services.

4. Deja Freaking Vu


Surprise! It isn’t long before Ashley has another freak out. No one really knows what sparked this freak out aside from alcohol, but Ashley insists that she’s DONE with her roommates. She tells them where to go in San Francisco, knows people, and will never get them another free bottle at the club.

The rest of the cast is just like… K, go to bed.

5. Lost & Gone


The next night, Ashley meets up with her boyfriend Francis at the club and doesn’t return home. The cast doesn’t know where she disappeared to, but are too busy enjoying the company of Arielle’s ex-girlfriend Ashley C. to really care. During Ashley’s disappearance Jay returns home, and shorts after returning home he answers a call from Ashley. She says she wants to return to the house, but only if the rest of the cast wants her to.

So they vote. Jenny and Jay vote for her to return. Arielle, Thomas, Jamie, and Cory don’t want her back. So it’s official, Ashley has been voted out of the house.

Coming next week: The EX-PLOSION!!


  1. Jamie’s ex isn’t gonna be on. Ashley is gone. Jay and his ex are basically still together. Arielle and her ex are basically still together. The whole surprise of the exes coming is basically a fail.

  2. ^^^ Not necessarily. Bringing in the exes definitely stirred up drama for everyone, in relationships or not. You can just tell by the trailers and episode previews that shit’s going downnn.

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