Real World Ex-Plosion: Top Moments From Episode 4

As we brace ourselves for the arrival of the exes, this episode focused a lot of the preexisting relationships of the cast members and their exes. Let’s check out what was most memorable from this episode!

1. Massage Therapy


Arielle’s ex Ashley is still visiting, but there’s a lot of sexual tension in the house. Arielle decides to organize an erotic dinner to help get the juices flowing. It seems to work, Jamie & Thomas are spending time together, Cory & Jenny are getting along, Arielle & Ashley are getting along, and Jay’s getting a message from a man. But hey, it’s all good. The roommates have a good time and some of them got lucky. Unfortunately for Thomas, Jamie vowed that she wouldn’t have sex while being recorded for the show, so he isn’t getting lucky…yet.

2. Out Of Sight But On Camera


Thanks to the inclusion of smartphones this season, Jay’s ex Jenna has been seeing picture of him dancing with other girls. He insists that it’s just innocent dancing until Jenny catches him kissing another girl at the club. Jay’s excuse: he thought the cameras weren’t recording him. But this is The Real World, everything gets caught on camera. Looks like Jay has some explaining to do.

3. Mail Vs. Female


Jenny goes onto her e-mail right as Tom is signing out of his, and she catches the last few lines of Tom’s e-mail with his ex Hailey. In this e-mail, Hailey says she misses Tom a lot and can’t stop thinking about him. Jenny tells Jamie, who is frustrated with Tom because she feels that he should be addressing this behavior and telling Hailey that he has a girlfriend. Tom insists that he has no control over what Hailey says, and as he indicated in the past, he wants to maintain a friendship with his exes.

4. Sea You Later Real World House!


The cast gets to go on a two day vacation on a house boat, and they all get along! Despite the fun times, the cast can’t help but wonder if they’ll be getting a new roommate to replace Ashley. During this time, Ashley returns to the house to collect her belongings that she never took after getting voted out, and production prepares for the five new roommates.



At the very end of the episode, the new exes move in! We see Jenny’s initial shock to seeing Brian in the house, be I guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see how the rest of the cast reacts.

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