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7 Couples that Should Have Been Ex-Ploded

Tonight will mark the first time The Real World “Ex-Plodes” a cast by bringing in the exes, but there are certainly other couples that would have been interesting to see in a Real World house together. Let’s check out the couples who would have been interested to watch.

Montana & Vaj (Boston)


Being on The Real World could strain any relationship, hence why Montana and Vaj tried to have an “open” relationship. After finding out that Montana was serious about having an open relationship, Vaj called her to make sure she knew she was a whore. Imagine what would have happened if he walked into the Boston house?

Malik & Jisela (Back to New York)


When meeting Jisela during his auditions, Malik quickly developed feelings. He used his limited opportunities to have guests to invite the Road Ruler into his house and on vacation. Then, he caught her making fun of him and all of the roommates (especially Coral) freaked out on her. She would have certainly been an unwelcome addition to the Back to New York household after that.

Svetlana & Martin (Key West)


Svetty loved Martin, so much that she spent the season’s vacation moping over him. She also questioned his sexuality after Tyler boned his doppleganger. If he showed up in the Real World house, things would either go incredibly well or truly explode.

Dunbar & Julie (Sydney)


Julie blessed Dunbar with the nickname “Dummy Bear,” but she didn’t bless him with permission to see other girls while in The Real World house. If she arrived in Sydney, she would have freaked out on Dunbar and his new interest Ashli.

Frank & Michael (San Diego)


Frank was definitely known for his over-the-top behavior in the Real World house, but his boyfriend leveled him out. Perhaps Frank would have been uncomfortable with his ex in the house, but chances are his roommates would have liked the addition.

Trey & Chelsea (St. Thomas)


During Real World St. Thomas, Trey was committed to Chelsea but flirting with Laura, so it was a surprise that the two got along when Chelsea finally visited the house. Of course, who knows how long the truce would have lasted? Chances are things would have gotten ugly is Chelsea permanently resided in the St. Thomas household.

Jessica & Tyler (Portland)


Jessica really liked Tyler, who she met while in Portland. All things were going well until he unexpectedly dumper her via e-mail. If he returned to the house, thing might have been complicated… or they could have fallen for each other all over again.

Are there any other couples that would have been great to “ex-plode?” Make sure to let me know in the comments!

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