Which Ex Will Bring the Most Drama

Clearly the new “Ex-Plosion” twist was introduced to spice up The Real World house and fill it with drama. Looking at the five new roommates, it seems that some are more likely to be involved with drama than others. Here are my ranking of most dramatic to least:

1. Brian


Coming into the house, the fellow exes told Brian not to get physical, but he said he’ll do what he has to do. It’s clear that his feeling for Jenny aren’t completely gone, and that he isn’t going to receive her new relationship with Cory well. I’m not sure if Jenny or Cory will receive more of his anger, but it seems like he’s not going to ignore these problems.

2. Hailey


She was Thomas’s first love, and Thomas thought he was her first love. Relationships like that don’t just disappear so it I know that some tensions will arise, especially when you consider the fact that Thomas is now dating Jamie.

3. Lauren


Lauren’s relationship with Cory spans the past 8 years, and based on the phone calls they’ve had so far this season, they’re not ready to let go of each other. Even if they want to work on their relationship, there will be hurdles to overcome.

4. Jenna


Jenna has her concerns about Jay’s involvement with other women, and based on last week’s episode the other roommates in the house would agree that Jenna’s concerns are justified. While those two may have their issues, the drama will likely remain between the two of them.

5. Ashley


We’ve already seen Ashley in the house. She gets along with Arielle. She gets along with the other roommates. I don’t see much drama coming from her.

What do you think? Which ex will find himself/herself in the most drama?



2 thoughts on “Which Ex Will Bring the Most Drama

  1. honestly i think jamie is totally weird looking and her gauges are gross. those things stink ya know? idk why thomas isnt with hailey he obviously wants her bc he wont let her see anyone else. and jamie sees that loud n clear but doesnt seem to mind looking totally ridic like a puppy following him around. also corey was a total douchebag to lauren when she told him she was pregers. i didnt realize he could be such a creeper. the only one with any common sense in the house is the hot lesbians. Im a straight chick and can see that no ands if buts. seriously thou jay also is a total sleezebag. he flirts with anyone who smiles at him. and his ex jenna is way too hot for him. too bad she doesnt see it and is way to passive aggressive. its like “come on chica, if he hasnt stepped up to at least simple boyfriend girlfriend label after two years this dude will never commit’ he will always be looking for the next best thing and hes not even hot! I felt bad for him about his moma that was heartbreaking, but after awhile his colors started to show and he does not treat that girl with any respect. he should be thanking his lucky stars she wants to be with him. ugh no thank ya! so ya thats my take on the show. jenny she needs to go for a new dude. leave the old behind bc its not healthy. at all. thomas, either drop jamie like everyone knows you wanna do but ur just a punk or back of hailey and stop acting like her keeper and she needs to answer to you. You starting to look like a psycho. jamie ur not much better looking like a manipulating stalker rocker chick! hailey and tom should be together, and jamie should find a dr to fix her ears cause thats nasty.Lauren should think about what she wants and if shes even prepared to be a mom and corey should be there no matter which way she decides. Jenna should drop jay and get with someone way hotter and someone that thinks something of her, support ppl. human connections. love. see whats important. Good luck ya’ll, they are totes gonna need it.

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