Real World Ex-Plosion: Top 5 Moments from Episode 5

This week we pick up right were we left off last week: with the arrival of the exes and Jenny’s jaw dropped. Let’s check out how the original 6 roommates handled this shocking twist.

1. This Ruins EVERYTHING!


The cast is stunned by the “ex-plosion” twist, and for the most part they’re upset that they have to share this experience with their exes. Well, Arielle is thrilled, but Thomas, Jay, Cory, and Jenny are upset. It seems that Jenny and Thomas are taking this twist the hardest, as they are struggling to balance their new relationships with their old ones.

2. Missing In Exction


Jamie is thrilled that her ex Cameron is not in the house, but she wants to be sure he is not coming. She called home, and a friend confirms that Cameron is not coming. This is a sigh of relief for Jamie, but Thomas questions why Jamie is so concerned about her ex coming into the house. Jamie explains that she worries that he’ll start a lot of shit and that they argued all the time toward the end of the relationship. It’s probably a good thing that Cameron isn’t there because Tom & Jamie have to focus on Hailey coming in the middle of their relationship.

3. The Brodown


When the exes arrived in the house, Cory seemed more concerned with the arrival of Jenny’s ex Brian than the arrival of his ex Lauren. Eventually, Brian approaches Cory to clear the air. Brian looks like he’s ready to throw down, while Cory is dressed for a hoe down. Fortunately, they’re able to talk civilly. They both agree that they’re in the house to work on their relationships and don’t want to fight.

We’ll see how long that lasts. Brian may not want to start shit, but he claims he’s willing to end shit.

4. Dealing With the Changes


After the initial shocks, the cast starts to deal with their exes. Arielle and Ashley kiss and party, so there’s no problems there. Cory and Lauren hop in the shower together, so they seem to be coping well. Jay is happy to see Jenna, although is cramps his game with other girls. When Jenny talks to Brian, she confesses that she always falls back to him and she can’t see anyone else in her future. So they seem to be in good place. The only people who have concerns are Thomas, Jamie, and Hailey. Tom is trying hard to maintain a friendship, but it’s clear that Jamie is still weary of their friendship. Hailey claims that she can see herself getting back with Tom, and isn’t just looking for a friend.

5. Exed Out?


Hailey coming into the house really had Tom thinking. By the end of the episode, Hailey starts to flirt with other guys, but Tom is worried that juggling his new girlfriend and his ex might be too much. He claims that in a perfect world he would be able to continue doing what he’s doing with Jamie…without the “girlfriend” title. Will they break up? We need to watch the next episode… which is TWO weeks away.

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