Real World

Real World Baby On The Way?

I know it has been hard without a new episode of The Real World, but it looks like the next episode has a shocker in store for a us… a POSITIVE pregnancy test.

Who’s the fertile myrtle? Well, we don’t know yet. We have been clued into who the baby daddy may be:


This would mark the first time two cast members made a baby on the show.

There have been pregnancy scares before, both times in Sin City. On the original Vegas season Trishelle thought she got pregnant and Steven was the daddy. Neither were prepared, and luckily neither had to be because she was not pregnant. On the second Vegas season, Naomi thought she got pregnant by Leroy. Again, it was just as scare, no real babies involved.

If you go waaaaay back in Real World history, you’ll know that Tami found out she was pregnant during the Los Angeles season, but the baby daddy was not a cast member. She decided to terminate the pregnancy during the season.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see who the baby momma is, but it’s exciting to see a Real World first coming this season.

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