Was Cory’s Initial Reaction to Lauren’s Pregnancy Wrong?

Last week we saw how Cory dealt with the new of his kind-of-ex Lauren being pregnant. Initially he thought there was a possibility that the baby could be his because Lauren said it was his (after all, they had condomless sex two days prior to the positive pregnancy test).

corloCory has his doubts. Lauren admits to having sex prior to coming on the show, but they used a condom. Then she retracts that statement, and says she just used Plan B.

Something isn’t adding up, and Cory knows the baby isn’t his. He finds himself in a situation similar to one he experienced during his freshman year of college. A girl told him that she was pregnant with his baby, but he later found out this whole story was a lie. During this dilemma, Lauren stood by his side.

Despite this incident, Cory says he can’t support Lauren. Understandably, she is upset. Not only has she supported Cory in the past, but they’ve been together (in some type of relationship) for eight years. Cory is an obvious support system for her, especially in a house where she’s isolated from other friends and family.

I feel for Lauren, and I wanted to see her feel supported. However, there’s a part of me that feels Cory is justified in his response. Ever since Lauren entered the house he really has focused on their relationship. He worked to improve upon this relationship, come to find out Lauren had secrets she wasn’t telling him.

So, at least from a viewer’s stand point, I get Cory’s reaction. However, I really feel that he should have just left the situation alone rather than flirting with someone else right in front of Lauren’s face.

Of course, Cory does come around and support Lauren later in the episode. But initially he didn’t support her at all.

What do you think?

One thought on “Was Cory’s Initial Reaction to Lauren’s Pregnancy Wrong?

  1. Um, it’s not justified. Cory has found himself in the same position too and she stuck by him. Cory could have easily got Jenny pregnant. I don’t care what he said, I don’t think they used a condom either. They were both doing their own thing before Lauren came to the house. It’s clear Cory has an ego that is irrational and his reaction was obnoxious. I’m sorry I don’t base my reaction on how good Cory looks.

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