Challenge 25: Something is Filming

Looks like The Challenge cast is filming again! Based on the tweets/Instagram pics from some of the cast members, it looks like some of our favorites are behind the camera again, but there is a little surprise. It’s not just the cast of the upcoming 25th Challenge season.

The following people have indicated that they were in LA filming something…

  • Johnny Bananas
  • CT
  • Dustin
  • Nany
  • Jasmine
  • Jordan
  • Nia
  • Frank
  • Swift
  • Aneesa
  • Brad
  • Diem
  • Susie
  • Mark

It italicized cast members are NOT a part of the upcoming challenge. My guess: They’re filming a special to air prior to the first Challenge episode, probably something similar to what was aired prior to The Gauntlet 3. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they took advantage of this time to film an Aftershow.

Here’s some supporting evidence:

Screenshot_185 Screenshot_186





Unfortunately, we still don’t know the name of the season (it’s rumored to just be The Challenge).


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