Real World Explosion Episode 8: Top 5 Moments

This week we see relationships start to explode. The exes are finally starting to wreak havoc on the house.

1. Confession Depression


Brian knows he fucked up when he went out and kiss/danced with another girl (as seen at the end of last week’s episode). So he musters up the courage to tell Jenny, but he has to find the right place and time. He decides to tell her as they’re waiting for a seat at a restaurant because they she won’t be able to make a huge scene. As admirable as his willingness to confess is, his delivery is terrible. He tells Jenny “I might have talk to and danced with out girls. I don’t know…”

… and of couse Jenny is pissed.

2. No New Boyfriends


Thomas thinks it’s rude for Hailey to come on the show and pursue other relationships. Yes, he’s dating Jamie on the show, but Hailey didn’t have to be on the show. Jamie disagrees, and doesn’t want Hailey to interfere with her relationship. So she encourages Hailey to talk to a foreign boy at the club named Janis. They start getting along until Thomas starts calling her names. Then Hailey goes outside of the club to cry.

3. Saying Salute to a New Boy


Hailey has left her German boy Janis, but Jenny doesn’t want him to be lonely. So she starts to flirt with Janis in front of Brian’s face. Now Brian is mad at Jenny. A storm is brewing…

4. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and the Girl in the Middle


Jay has been trying to remain committed to Jenna, but they’re not officially “boyfriend and girlfriend.” This upsets Jenna, but she isn’t confronting Jay. This relationship drama causes Jamie’s gages to act up and she confronts Jay for Jenna. Jay takes offense to this because he feels that Jamie should not force herself into his relationship. However, Jenna is finally able to express her frustrations, so maybe this is a step in the right direction.

5. Hurricane Jenny


Brian and Jenny finally confront each other, and it’s not pretty. Brian starts throwing every insult he knows at Jenny, and she finally slaps him across the face. Then she slaps him again. Then she kicks him.

Production gets involved and tells Jenny to calm down or go to a hotel. So she agrees to just go to bed, but the drama isn’t over yet. When she wakes up the next morning, she has a lollipop for breakfast and then starts throwing all of Brian’s clothes out of her room. He isn’t welcome there anymore.

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