Should Brian Be Mad at Jenny?

If you saw episode 8 of Real World Ex-Plosion you know the situation: Brian hooked up with a random girl during “boys night,” confessed to Jenny, made her mad, and she hooked up with a German boy.

After Brian saw this, a big fight ensued. He started calling Jenny a “bitch” and a “whore.” Of course, this did sit well with Jenny. Then was all saw Jenny’s karate moves she used on Brian.


Should Brian be mad? He did witness Jenny hooking up with someone else, but he initiated the cycle of cheating. During episode 7 we saw the two of them actively working on their relationship. They had a good anniversary dinner, Jenny rejected Doug to work on her relationship with Brian, and they made brownies together. All was going well until Brian hooked up with someone else.

I do respect Brian for being upfront with Jenny, but Jenny did lay out her ground rules prior to “boy’s night.” Brian broke all of these rules by talking to, dancing with, and kissing another girl. Naturally I expect Jenny to be mad.

Whether Jenny made out with Janis the German out of genuine interest (I doubt it) or to make Brian mad (more likely), I think Jenny made it clear she was not remaining committed to Brian. He didn’t set ground rules for Jenny like he had on boy’s night.

So does Brian deserve to be mad? I don’t really think so. But, the fact that he is upset proves that he still has feeling for Jenny.

What do you think?

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