The Challenge: Free Agents Cast

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Talk about an unstoppable force, “Elimination Queen” Aneesa arrives on Free Agents after a devastating exit one spot short of the Rivals II final. Aneesa is brimming with confidence going into Free Agents, “Doubt me all you want. I’m more about being humble and letting my actions speak for themselves. I have the heart and fight. I don’t, I never quit. Ever.” Aneesa may be a threat on the field, but this opinionated vet can rub some of her housemates the wrong way. Will Aneesa be able to fight her way to the top? Or will she face another crushing elimination?



Hampered by poor teams and partners in the past, Free Agents could be Brandon’s best chance for a win. Brandon explains, “I may be the unluckiest person on these Challenges. I always find a way to be on the short end of the stick.” A former college football player, Brandon hopes this individual game will give him the opportunity to show he’s a legitimate athletic threat. Political maneuvering has never been Brandon’s forte, and he believes Free Agents can transform his weakness into a strength, “Not having to worry about kissing ass in the house or being somebody’s friend, it doesn’t matter. You put it all on the field and that’s how I live life.” Will Brandon finally emerge as a force to be reckoned with?



While several of her fellow competitors have made it to a final, Camila is the only girl on Free Agents who knows the thrill of Challenge victory. After winning Battle of the Exes, Camila advanced to the finals of Rivals II, but finished a disappointing third. She’s ready to redeem that performance, stating, “I’m at that point in my Challenge history that I want that big money no matter what. I don’t care who I have to cross. I will do what I have to do.” Fearless and feisty, this Brazilian bombshell doesn’t flinch when it comes to daring physical feats or dishing out a verbal assault. Can Camila keep her temper in check long enough to make another final? Or will an emotional meltdown send her packing?

Cara Maria


After three runner-up finishes, Cara Maria is ready to stop being an underdog and take her rightful place as a legitimate threat to win. Cara Maria arrives in Uruguay in the best shape of her life, but believes her mental outlook is keeping her from taking first place. She elaborates, “I know physically I can do anything, but mentally I second-guess myself. It’s almost like I’m afraid to win.” Pegged as an oddball, Cara Maria yearns to break free of the social awkwardness that has plagued her in the past. Is Free Agents finally Cara Maria’s time to shine? Or will her unlucky streak continue?



Bow tie aficionado Chet surprised everyone when he led his underdog team to a third-place finish on Battle of the Seasons. However, he feels he has what it takes to win the whole thing, “I didn’t get gassed out on the last Challenge and I feel honestly had Devyn not been on my team at all, I would have smoked it.” Chet may not be the most physically intimidating guy in the house, but makes up for it with intelligence, political savvy, and endurance. He promises, “I’m going to fight for every inch. I want this money. I want to steal it from other people. I feel there are a lot of people here who don’t deserve it. And I will do whatever I can to make sure they don’t get it.” Will we see Chet in another final? Or will he flame out in a hurry?



It’s been six seasons since Cohutta competed in The Ruins, but this country boy returns to The Challenge a little older and a whole lot wiser. Cohutta elaborates, “I feel like I’ve grown up a lot mentally. I don’t necessarily feel like a rookie because I feel like life has taught me a wide range of things that it hasn’t taught these kids yet.” Although Cohutta has the speed and agility to perform well in challenges, his small stature could prove to be a disadvantage. Still, Cohutta is optimistic, “I really get a lot out of coming in as an underdog. When you’re the smallest guy by 30 pounds you’re an underdog every time.” Fresh out of a long-term relationship, Cohutta may find solace in the arms of a vivacious vixen. Watch out for this dark horse–he just may outrun the alpha dogs.



After ten seasons, Challenge legend CT finally notched a win, taking first place on Rivals II. One of the most respected and feared players in the game, CT is equal parts athlete and politician. While the Free Agents twist sends many of his fellow veterans scrambling, CT is already a step ahead. He cautions, “Sooner or later your number’s going to get called. I’ve always been a free agent and now everybody’s gonna have to play my game.” Can CT make it two wins in a row? Or will he relinquish his Challenge crown?



We last saw Devyn being dragged up a sand dune by her teammates in the final challenge of Battle of the Seasons, where she took third place. Although you’re still more likely to find this NYC diva shopping on Fifth Avenue than hitting the gym, Devyn is ready to quiet the haters and prove it takes more than muscle to win The Challenge. She explains, “I’ve gotten a lot of comments that I’m not athletic or people think that I can’t compete. But I don’t think you have to be a fitness pro to win this.” Devyn is a shrewd political player and extremely well liked by her fellow competitors. Can Devyn make up for her weaknesses on the field with crafty gameplay? Or will this fierce fashionista unravel under pressure?



Fresh off a breakup with his Real World sweetheart, this is Dustin’s first Challenge as a single man. Although he made a pact with his ex not to hook up with anyone in the house, that notion flies out the window on night one when Dustin catches the eye of a rookie girl. Last seen finishing in second place on Battle of the Seasons, Dustin has proven he can excel in the physical aspects of the game, but hopes the Free Agents format will negate his weakness–politics. Dustin notes, “A lot of people want to play politics. I just want to play the game.” Will Dustin’s political naivete be his Achilles heel? Or will he go the distance again?



Last seen being eliminated first on Cutthroat, Emilee is back for a second chance on Free Agents. This Boston native may not be the most intimidating athlete in the house, but believes she has what it takes to excel in other aspects of the game. She confides, “I’m really great when it comes to puzzles. I’ve got a brain and it’s not all good looks and girlish charm.” Fun and flirtatious, Emilee quickly sets her sights on a newly single guy, but discovers that on The Challenge, competition isn’t limited to the playing field. Watch for Emilee to make a new rival when they clash over one guy’s affections.



After a second-place finish on Rivals II with Bananas, Frank is ready to step back into the winner’s circle. This volatile competitor stirs up drama wherever he goes, and isn’t afraid of confrontation on or off the field. He defends, “I think whether or not you like the way I play the game, I play it and I play it well and I play hard and rough and dirty and it works out.” Unencumbered by a team or partner, Frank knows Free Agents is the perfect game to showcase his talents and his athleticism, “I would just love so much to win one and do it on my own.” Watch for Frank to make waves as he pursues his second Challenge title in three seasons.



Since being eliminated from The Duel II, Isaac traveled around the world and started a website for backpackers. However, this thrill-seeker couldn’t say no to another opportunity for adventure. Win or lose, Isaac is here to have a good time, “If there’s one thing I have on them, it might not be size, it might not be strength, it might not be endurance. But, I have gumption!” A free spirit with no true alliance, Isaac stands to be the house wild card. Will Isaac’s fun-loving personality help him bring home the big money? Or will he be left seeking a new adventure?



Pint-size siren Jasmine made it halfway through Rivals II paired with her nemesis, Theresa. Having conquered her fears, Jasmine is excited to compete on her own. Jasmine reveals, “Free Agents, this is the kind of challenge for me. I think people are going to be really surprised because I can really hold my own and I’ve got some fight in me.” Prepared for anything, Jasmine is determined to enjoy her time on Free Agents and immediately sets her sights on a younger man. Jasmine confesses, “I’m single, I’m gonna have a little bit of fun. So, that’s what I’m gonna do right now.” Will Jasmine’s small stature hold her back? Or can she prove Free Agents really is anyone’s game?



Jemmye proved to be a true competitor on Rivals II, reaching the finals in only her second Challenge. The epitome of “work hard, play hard,” this former Division I athlete is ready to top last season’s performance. She explains, “At this point, the only thing that’s acceptable is first or second. If I don’t get first or second, then I didn’t do what I came here to do.” Brimming with confidence, Jemmye will take on the most daredevil tasks in challenges and has no fear when it comes to elimination rounds, “I’ve been to enough eliminations at this point where I’ll go in against whoever, but I’m not gonna count any of these females out.”



Good girl Jessica left Rivals II following her partner Anastasia’s epic meltdown. No longer held back by a teammate, Free Agents is Jessica’s chance to show what she’s made of. Jessica proclaims, “I don’t think people see me as a threat this time because I didn’t last very long in the previous Challenge. I have to play it cool and then just bam, hit them with it.” Although she claims she’s not looking for romance in the house, Jessica is all smiles when she makes an instant love connection. Don’t underestimate this former pageant queen–when it comes to performing in challenges, she just might shock everyone.

Johnny Bananas


Johnny Bananas may be one of the most legendary players in Challenge history, but this vet isn’t sure he has enough gas left in his tank. After coming in second to his nemesis CT on Rivals II, four-time champion Bananas found it to be a humbling experience. He concedes, “You learn more in defeat than you do in victory. And, I learned a lot about myself.” Arriving in Uruguay as a Free Agent with no alliance, Bananas knows he has an uphill battle ahead of him. Bananas confesses, “I’m just hoping that luck’s on my side.” His fellow Challengers may call him “Grandfather Bananas,” but this wily veteran could still have a few tricks up his sleeve.

Johnny R.


The youngest player in the house, newly single Johnny is heartbroken after ending his relationship with Real World: Portland, girlfriend Averey. Now, with the help of a hometown alliance, Johnny is ready to let loose and take on Free Agents. Like his former housemate Jordan, Johnny believes his rookie status is a blessing not a curse, “I like the fact that I’m a rookie. Me coming into the game, no one knows how I’m gonna play. So I got that kind of element of surprise still.” However, temptation from the ladies in the house might cloud his focus. Johnny admits, “Once I get out of my little shy shell, my persona will probably change.” With gas in the tank for days, keep your eye on this newbie–he could end up going the distance.



Reeling from a series of dramatic Challenge showmances, Jonna has one priority this season, herself. She confesses, “Every single Challenge that I competed in, I’ve always been concerned about someone else. But this time around it’s about me.” With a brand-new mindset, Jonna comes into Free Agents on a mission to prove she’s a real contender, “I’m here to prove to everyone and even more importantly, prove to myself that I am a strong, confident woman.” Will Jonna succeed on her mission and reach a final at last? Or will she once again become a Challenge casualty?



Jordan had an outstanding rookie season on Rivals II, but fell short of a win when he was eliminated on the first leg of the final. Back for a second chance, this brash upstart is confident Free Agents is his game to lose. Jordan boasts, “This is going to be a great platform to show everyone it wasn’t a fluke on the first one. No teammate to slow me down, the politics are all my own, I would really love to just let the athletics speak for themselves.” Already one of the Challenge’s most notorious ladies’ men, Jordan will find an unexpected connection with a stunning siren. Will Jordan’s athletic prowess buoy him to another final? Or will his cocky attitude prove to be his undoing?



Feisty and energetic, rookie LaToya comes into this game focused on one thing, making it to the end. LaToya reveals, “I don’t care about all the beefs. I’m here for the almighty dollar.” LaToya may not be into creating drama, but she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. Upon learning the game-changing format, LaToya is confident about her chances despite her rookie status. She declares, “The new kids on the block actually have a chance, a strong chance at winning.” Look for this newbie to make an impression, but could her wild-card status make her a target?



Last seen making a runner-up finish on Rivals, Laurel returns to The Challenge after a three-season layoff. She may have made the final in every Challenge she’s competed in, but a win still eludes this fierce competitor. Laurel hopes Free Agents will allow her to break the streak, “I’ve had three second-place finishes which is somewhat impressive, yet disappointing at the same time. I’ve been waiting to be on my own and this is a chance for every person to show what they’ve got individually.” Unlike many of her peers, Laurel can separate her emotions from the competition, but her road to victory takes an unexpected turn when she falls for one of her fellow competitors. Can Laurel maintain her laser focus and keep her eye on the prize? Or will romantic entanglements derail her plans?



With his own alliance sending him into elimination on Rivals II, Leroy arrives in Punta del Este as a true free agent. Looking forward to his fourth season, Leroy admits that when it comes to The Challenge, he’s his own worst enemy, “I’ve never won a Challenge because of me. I’m my biggest competitor. And self-preservation is my motivation. I want to win, I want it all.” Aided by his easygoing attitude and quick wit, Leroy hopes to keep his hands clean and make it to the end by avoiding confrontation. Can Leroy stay below the radar? Or will this strategy ultimately lead to his demise?



Every time Nany arrives on The Challenge, she gives it her all. Unfortunately on Rivals II, and Battle of the Seasons, her all wasn’t quite enough. Nany declares, “I have this thing called the “Challenge Curse,” where I get eliminated right before finals. And I’m so sick of it. I just really, really, really want to get there this time and win.” With nothing holding her back this time, Nany is more determined than ever to prove she is a top competitor. However, this fun-loving lady quickly finds love in the house, giving her an unexpected ally and confidant. Is Nany still doomed by her Challenge Curse? Or will being a Free Agent finally take her to the end?



“Hurricane” Nia was last seen wreaking havoc on the Real World: Portland where she terrorized her roommates. Having matured and mellowed from the experience, this Challenge rookie assures that she is more interested in competition than stirring things up in the house. Nia declares, “I do intimidate people, but not on purpose. I don’t really know what it’s like to lose. I am going to win. There is no other option.” Nia may have the competitive drive it takes to win the Challenge, but will she be able to hold back her inner hurricane?



Preston made a deep run on Rivals II, but couldn’t break through in his final elimination round. Although his fellow competitors mock his athletic abilities, Preston is actually an avid cyclist and runner. Determined to at last make it to the final, Preston praises the Free Agents twist, “I love the fact that I have myself to rely on. No one’s going to want me on their team. That’s OK. The more people who think that I’m weak and can’t do anything is the more people who want me around for the final challenge.” Constantly underestimated, Preston is sure this is his chance to win it all. Will Preston finally climb to the top on Free Agents? Or will history repeat itself?



New to the game, ladies man Swift has come to take The Challenge house by storm. Swift boasts, “When I compete, I’m gonna turn up! Clear-cut, competitive spirit. That’s what I’m bringing to the table.” Swift’s ultimate goal on Free Agents is to avoid distractions and win the big money by any means necessary. He declares, “Good luck getting me to get wifed up and cuffed up. I’m really just focused on this competition, working out, staying focused.” Swift may be all about the game, but his concentration could be impaired. Look for this suave player to quickly catch the eye of a fiery veteran lady.



Returning for her fifth challenge, Theresa is optimistic about her chances in Free Agents. Hampered in past games by relationship drama and unreliable partners, Theresa is ready to let her impressive athletic abilities speak for themselves. She explains, “Since my friends usually always screw me over in this game, I love that I can rely on myself and only myself.” Theresa may be comfortable with the physical aspects of the Challenge, but she’ll have to dig deep to harness the mental toughness it takes to win. Theresa notes, “If you get me riled up, I don’t keep my cool.” Will Free Agents give Theresa the opportunity to shine? Or is she one outburst away from a plane ticket home?



After a winning rookie year in Battle of the Seasons, Zach made an unexpected exit from Rivals II when he was disqualified in the elimination round less than halfway through the game. Zach recalls, “Obviously I embarrassed myself last time. So, I’d like to redeem myself in that sense. I’m just in a much better place, mentally and physically.” At 6’3″ and 240 pounds, Zach is the biggest guy in the house and a threat to win any challenge, but his quick temper and sharp tongue have proven to be a serious liability. Will a kinder, gentler giant emerge? Or will old patterns repeat themselves?

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Host: TJ Lavin



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  1. I like the fact they brought back some of my favourites, like Isaac who we havent seen in a challenge in a while.. Also notable is Brandon, he deserves another go at it.

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