Are The Exes Treated Unfairly?

For the past couple of episodes we’ve seen the exes trying to befriend their roommates. Many of them have put in a strong effort, but the original 6 roommates- AKA the OGs- have a bond that cannot be broken.


In principle, I understand that the “OGs” hate the exes twist. But if you look at the interactions over the past couple of weeks it does seems like OGs are enjoying the company of the exes. Look at Brian & Cory’s bromance, Jenna turning to Jenny or Jamie for advice, or the fact that Ashley gets along with everyone.

Still, there are isolated incidents where the “OG” status trumps these newfound friendships. There was the time when the cast insisted on taking an OG picture, or the time when Thomas fought Hailey and said he wanted all of the exes gone. Despite some strong efforts by the exes, it seems the OGs are trying to make them feel unwelcome.

What do you think? Have the exes really become a part of the cast?

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