Real World Ex-Plosion

Real World Ex-Plosion: Top Moments from the Finale

The last episode has come and gone, and Real World Ex-Plosion is officially in the past. Let’s look at the 5 best moments from the final episode.

1. Brian Beatdown


Last we saw, tensions were rising between Cory and Brian on a car ride home. Cory tried to punch Brian, but the rest of the cast restrained Cory. So a fight didn’t happen, but Brian did land a kick on Cory’s face. The next morning Brian tried to talk to Cory without much avail. Cory said that he still wants to kick Brian’s ass, and then the two went about their day peacefully.

2. Long Distance Dilemma


Things are going so well of Tom and Jamie, but Tom is scared that distance will break them apart. Jamie says that he can make it work if he wants it to work. Still, Tom is scared because he hasn’t had success with long distance relationships in the past. Eventually, the two decide to give it a try.

3. To Love or Not to Love


Jenny and Brian finally talk, and Brian says he wants to be committed. That’s all Jenny wanted all season, but now she says she’s over the relationship. All of the work that they’ve put into fixing things has gone down the drain and it looks like things are not going to work out.

4. Brian Goes Ape ShitScreenshot_380

After a night in the club, Brian comes home intoxicated and angry. Why the anger? He is mad that he wasted 5 years of his life on a relationship that didn’t work out. He tries to talk to Jenny, but her roommates can see the anger and try to separate the two. Eventually, Brian is in his room and Cory talks to him. Brian tries to charge past Cory but Cory tackles him to the ground before he can get to Jenny. Brian remains angry so he breaks a bed frame and screams like an ape.

Later, Arielle tries to calmly talk to Brian. Once again, anger gets the best of Brian and he thrown Arielle to the ground. This is the final straw and security forces Brian to spend the night in a hotel.

5. So Long San Fran


After three months in San Francisco, the time has come to an end. The roommates say their tearful good byes and leave one-by-one after having survived the biggest and only twist in Real World history. Brian and Jenny are the last two, and do one final confessional together.


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  1. I realized this episode how most of the original house guests reside in California. I’m not a fan of that. (Cory, Arielle, Ashley & Jenny). But overall this was a very interesting and entertaining season. If it wasn’t for the exes, we would have forced to watch countless episodes revolving around Jamie & Tom’s annoying and inevitable disastrous relationship as well as Jenny and Cory hookups. I’m ready to get back with the original format though. Can’t wait to see Brian Jenny & Cory in challenges.

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