Which Rookies Have the Best Chance on Free Agents?

Being a rookie can be tough. Usually rookies are the first on the chopping block, but it seems like Free Agents has leveled the playing field. Gone are the days when Johnny Bananas could rally the “mob” to vote in his favor, instead your fate is determined by the draw of a card. So let’s check out the rookies (first or second challenge) to see who has the best shot at surviving on Free Agents.


9. LaToya


I loved Toya on The Real World: St. Thomas, but coming into the game with no allies can be a major downfall. Add in the fact that (to my knowledge) she has no strong athletic background and it seems likely that her time in Uruguay will be limited.

8. Emilee


After a disappointing showing on Cutthroat where she went home first, Emilee is returning with a hunger for victory. Hopefully she’s used her time away from the Challenge field to work out, because her Cutthroat performance was underwhelming at best. However, she is friends with veterans Jasmine and Jonna. Hopefully that will help her out.

7. Johnny


Johnny isn’t the biggest or the bulkiest guy on the show, and when it comes to surviving elimination rounds those things matter. However, if he sticks with his Portland buddies and some of the other rookies, he may be outsized but not outnumbered.

6. Devyn


Devyn may not be an athlete, but she does have one thing that few people in the house have: knowledge of an entire Challenge. Having made it to the final of Battle of the Seasons, she knows what you need to do to survive in the house. The question is: does she have the power to make all the right moves?

5. Swift


Swift is a complete wildcard in my eyes, having never competed on a previous Challenge. But look at him- he looks jacked. Maybe he has the muscle to survive in the house, but I can’t see him getting picked first on a team challenge considering he comes into the house as a true free agent.

4. Nia


Nia has height on her side, and she was a college volleyball player. These two things should serve her well in a Challenge. However, he argumentative nature may hold her back from making the essential relationships needed to win a Challenge.

3. Jessica


On Rivals 2 Jessica found herself with a partner who was making all the wrong moves, and ultimately they were the first girls team gone. This time, Jessica comes back making her own moves. Add in the fact that she traded in her princess crown for a gym memberships, and she returns to The Challenge ready to fight. Let just hope no one steers her in the wrong direction.

2. Isaac


Isaac lost The Duel 2 at the hands of Challenge legend Landon, and after his elimination he vowed that he would be bigger and buffer for his next Challenge. 5 years later he is back and bigger than ever. Add in the fact that he is the life of the party and has a strong ally in Cohutta, and he may have the tools to sail to the final.

1. Jordan


Jordan’s appearance in the Rivals 2 finale was no fluke, he earned his spot. He has a love for competition and extreme sports, both of which are beneficial in a Challenge environment. With no partners, no one will be able to hold him back.


Keep in mind, these are just my assessments. Who do you think will be the strongest rookies on Free Agents?


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