Free Agents Cast Rankings

Tonight marks the start of a new Challenge season, and with the new “Free Agents” theme I think it’s important to know who the top dogs are as well as the underdogs. So let’s take this opportunity to rank the players from worst to best on Free Agents.



14. LaToya – A complete newbie. With no athletic background to my knowledge she might not have the best show of leaving Uruguay a Challenge champ.

13. Emilee – After coming in dead last on Cutthroat, Emilee will have to put her best foot forward to redeem herself. Hopefully her friends will have her back.

12. Devyn – Another rookie. Devyn wasn’t know for her athleticism during the Battle of the Seasons final, but she was in the final.

11. Jasmine – I’ve always thought size was an advantage on these Challenge, and Jasmine doesn’t have height on her side. Hopefully she will be able to muscle her way though some of the competition.

10. Nia – Another complete newbie, but she was an athlete in college and isn’t afraid of a fight.

9. Aneesa – After nine Challenges without a victory, I am really wondering if Aneesa will ever get the title. She might have power in eliminations, but the endurance running the final will likely be her downfall.

8. Jessica – After a disappointing showing on Rivals 2, Jessica has made a lot of healthy lifestyle changes. This might help her as a Free Agent

7. Theresa – I feel like Theresa has all of the tools to be a good Challenge player, but always comes up short. Hopefully this time she will be able to play her cards right.

6. Jonna – Jonna doesn’t seem to have a hard time making it close to the final, but she also has yet to see the final. Maybe this time she can muscle her way past the final elimination round.

5. Nany – Another girl who has made it close to the final a couple of times. She has impressed me on multiple occasions, but never actually seen a final challenge.

4. Jemmye – After making it to the final on Rivals 2, I am impressed with Jemmye as a competitor. There is little she won’t do to win, but at the end of the day she might not be able to beat the big dogs.

3. Cara Maria – When it comes to strength, Cara Maria keeps getting better. When it come to alliances, she keeps getting worse. Maybe this time she’ll only see improvements.

2. Camila – The only female champion, she is a true fighter. She may not be as big as other top dogs, but she is as strong as them.

1. Laurel – She’s never been eliminated, loves running in finals, and isn’t scared of eliminations. She’s the clear front runner in my eyes.



14. Preston – I really do like Preston, but he will be entering Free Agents as the ultimate underdog… yet again. Who knows, maybe he’ll shock us all and make it to the final. He was pretty close on Rivals 2.

13. Johnny R. – With no prior Challenge experience and no known athletic experience, it seems like Johnny will be fighting an uphill battle.

12. Swift – This newbie may be muscular, but he has given me no reason to believe he can use these muscles to win a Challenge.

11. Brandon – Yes, he did have a strong steak on Cutthroat, but he has yet to have a strong showing since that season. Hopefully he’ll keep his head in the game this time around.

10. Isaac – More muscular than ever, it seems like Isaac is ready for a Challenge. He may have made it half way through The Duel 2, but he has done nothing to set himself above average.

9. Chet – After a strong showing on Battle of the Seasons, Chet has exceeded expectations. However, a lot of the best competitors were absent his last season. We’ll have to see if he can exceed expectations yet again.

8. Cohutta – Another guy who has exceeded expectations. After taking out Wes on The Ruins, Cohutta proved he has a few tricks up his sleeve. However, his size have never served as an advantage.

7. Dustin – Dustin isn’t afraid of a challenge, and he has proven himself to be quite strong and nimble. Hopefully he can use these skills when he has to fight a top dog.

6. Frank – Muscular and quick, Frank has impressed time and time again. However, he’s never had to go head-to-head with a huge competitor. Maybe he’ll meet his match this season.

5. Jordan – Having made it all the way to the final on his first season, it seems that Jordan could repeat his success. In fact, I’ve yet to see a challenge he couldn’t handle.

4. Leroy – Leroy has always be a stand-out competitor with a weak partner. Now that he’s free of his partner, he can reach his full potential.

3. Zach – The biggest guy on the show with an ego to match. His intimidation level is high and he’s likely to be more successful than last season without a partner.

2. Johnny Bananas – This 4 time champion has used politics to compliment his incredible athletic skills. Hopefully his athleticism is enough to carry him on a Challenge that minimizes his political power.

1. CT – After winning Rivals 2, we know that CT has what it takes to win. Claiming that he’s always been a Free Agent, this season seems tailored to CT’s abilities.


2 thoughts on “Free Agents Cast Rankings

  1. Did he? Well, I guess that is useful experience. Most people whose athletic background is known to me have competed at a college level, and I don’t think Johnny went to college. Not saying anything negative, but that’s why I didn’t know. Thanks for informing me though!

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