Is “The Draw” a Good Twist?

The Challenge: Free Agents has attempted to level the playing field by introducing a new twist called “The Draw.” As a part of this twist, the worst performers in the daily challenge are forced to flip cards to avoid elimination. One male and one female will flip a “kill card” that sends them into elimination.


As a result of this twist, Frank has seen the first two eliminations of the season while Jemmye was the first female eliminated from the season.

This twist attempts to minimize politics in the game, though “the draw” is only responsible for half of the participants in the elimination round. The other half is determined by the winners of the daily challenge, which allows for politics to play a role in Free Agents.

So is this a good twist for The Challenge? To be honest, it has created some pretty good battles in early eliminations. At the same time, it has forced great competitors to go home early while the newbies have skated past elimination. It’s easy to understand why some vets would be upset with this format. People like Camila, Brandon, Jessica and even Johnny Bananas have struggled their first Challenges just because they were rookies.

I do appreciate The Challenge throwing in some new twists, and my favorite thing about “The Draw” it the fact that it forces people to try to win. On previous Challenges people have tried to be middle-of-the-groud players to avoid elimination and the responsibilities that come with winning. As nerve-wracking as “The Draw” is, it can be avoid. All you have to do is win!

What do you think of the new twist?


10 thoughts on “Is “The Draw” a Good Twist?

  1. I wonder if there is different sets of cards used for the draw. If the same kill card is used each time someone could just memorize the pattern on the top of the card and not pick it.

  2. Frank flipped the card twice and was not sent home. Chet and Dustin were both picked so it hasn’t screwed anyone besides Emilee and Jemmye. Emilee is not a good competitor and Jemmye isn’t either. Latoya is a rookie and was sent in early due to politics and came back and won so I don’t think the draw has unfairly sent any strong competitors home. Also, if people such as Bananas and CT pick the kill card and are sent home after the elimination round, then they deserve to go home for losing to someone else rather than costing to the end because they are a veteran. For once, Cara Maria isn’t getting sent in every week because people don’t like her. The draw also sets up interesting elimination rounds. Great idea so far.

  3. I think the draw is interesting, but, with this format, I would’ve liked to see a different cast, since the alliances are almost useless, like Beth or Ruthie for the girls, and Shane, Syrus or Frank R. for the guys, just to say some realistic names…

  4. Its refreshing to see a new format in place, especially one that reduces the impact of house politics & alliances. The draw is a nail biter. It puts vets & rookies on more even ground, especially since TJ is also randomly selecting team leadership for each mission.

  5. i like it but it should be everyone that didnt won be elegible for voting and draw, overall i like the concept of the challenge so far

  6. But it doesn’t force people to win, it forces then to not be one of the worst teams/pairs. Issac was safe from the draw in episode 2 and his time was very slow but since he did better then a few teams he wasn’t going in

  7. They should put 2 kill cards in the draw and make everyone on the losing team have to draw. The voting is horsesh!t. If it’s free agents, take the voting out altogether.

  8. I agree with Allison, it’s not really “free agents” if people (when the winners/winning team) get to throw you in.I think politics should be completely out of this one.

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