Should Laurel Be Worried?


Jonna promised that if she won last week’s elimination, she’d be gunning for Laurel (who threw her into elimination). Laurel insisted that she didn’t care who returned from elimination, but now that Jonna is back it seems obvious that she has an enemy.

Looking at all of the girls on this Challenge, Laurel is the clear front runner. Thus far she has earned safety by winning both mission, but it seems unlikely that she will always be safe. Any smart female in the game would know that in order to win, you do not want to be running against Laurel in the final. So, anyone playing the game with strategy in mind would nominate Laurel as soon as they had the opportunity. The more Laurel goes into elimination, the more likely her chances of going home.

While I believe that nominating Laurel into elimination every single time is the smartest strategy, not every girl in the house is smart. After all, if Laurel has to fight she is known to be a strong fighter. And if I were going into elimination I would not want to face Laurel.

So is Laurel in danger? She has a new enemy in Jonna, and logic should tell the winning girls to throw her into elimination. What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Should Laurel Be Worried?

  1. “Any smart female in the game would know that in order to win, you do not want to be running against Laurel in the final.”

    Any smart female in the game would also know that in order to not get eliminated, you do not want to be facing Laurel in an elimination challenge. Laurel is 4-0 in elimination challenges and is THE female to beat. I think Laurel is unstoppable now that she’s not saddled with any teammates.

      • Safe from elimination for that one round…Laurel could win an elimination then win the next challenge and exact her revenge against anyone who sends her in. I agree that it would be smart for players to vote Laurel in to elimination rounds as much as possible to increase her likelihood of being sent home and thus other players’ chances at winning the Challenge but given Laurel’s history of victory and her strong abilities as both team and individual player, its likely that she would return from an elimination round and win the chance to nominate more players in the future.

  2. And I like Laurel! I’m glad that she’s been focusing on treating folks more kindly. Plus she’s a strong support to Cara Maria, one of my faves.

  3. Laurel is just a power house right next to Cara Maria. If this wasn’t Free Agents and if any other girl got picked into the elimination no one would go around the house asking them to throw Laurel in because every girl would want to go against the weakest girl in order to come back to the house. Also remember on Rivlas with CT and Adam vs Evan and Nehemiah. Yeah… See how that plan worked out. Even and Nehemiah couldn’t even move and they wanted to get rid of one of the strongest team.

    Throwing her in each time would be a bad mistake because I’m pretty sure no girl would want to go against her especially after seeing the last three elimination round. Balls in, Wrecking Wall, and Looper. Laurel has the strength, agility, and speed to beat any girls in these elimination. I think that the only two that might be able to take her and win is Cara Maria and maybe Camila. Everyone else would be blown away by her. Plus she has a strong support group at her house with Cohutta, Jordan, Cara, CT, etc.. And the only reason I could think of her going in is if she was in the draw.

    I think Laurel should maybe go in at least once, but then again, a ticket to the final would be nice considering how a lot of Bananas’ friends got to the finals without even stepping foot into the elimination round.

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