Has Jessica Become One of the Best?


This week we saw Jordan and Jessica fight over whether or not Jessica has earned her “spot” in the game. Clearly, this season has been more successful for her than Rivals 2, but has she become on of the best females in the game?

Let’s look at her performance so far:

She has avoided every single Draw so far, an honor only held by: herself, Laurel, Nany, Johnny Bananas, and Preston. She also had a notable moment on the first mission where she was able to cross the rolling pin (though it did take her considerably longer to do so than it took Camila or Cohutta, the only others who completed the task). During the Auto Body Rally she came in second place with Leroy, which allowed her to avoid The Draw, but she was still eligible to be picked for elimination (she wasn’t). Then she was on the winning team for both Bar Crawl and Bounce Out.

So is Jordan really justified to imply that she isn’t a strong competitor? It seems like she was one of the best during each challenge she competed in. If you look at her stats from the missions on this season, she has easily outperformed competitors such as Cara Maria, Jonna, or Theresa who are pretty good at these Challenges.

What do you think?



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