Is Jordan The Alpha Male?


Nia and Jasmine both alluded to this when picking Jordan as a partner: He may be cocky, but he is good at almost everything.

Thus far, he has been on the winning team twice, developed a showmance with the alpha female, and only seen one draw.

To be honest, he does have a reason to be kind of cocky. He made it to the finals on his first Challenge ever, a rare feat for anyone who didn’t make their debut on Battle of the Seasons. However, if you were one of the six people who watched Real World: Portland you’d know that Jordan was born cocky, and he is willing to sail to the edge of the world to prove a point.

Whether or not you think he’s too cocky his athleticism has made an impact on the rest of the competition.

Of course, there is that one time he saw The Draw. He was doing kind of showing off during the Bar Crawl when he dropped the plank and got his team disqualified. Some people may say that it was the lack of a fourth player on his team, but that only gave him more space to move on the plank and every team with four players had two who stuck to the wall and did nothing. Lacking the fourth player was probably an advantage.

Then there was the first mission when he attempted to cross the rolling pin and fell. His team still won, and he was trying to make up time (Jessica made it across, but her time was relatively slow).

So do you think Jordan deserves to be cocky?


4 thoughts on “Is Jordan The Alpha Male?

  1. I think he is ranked middle of the pack coming into the Free Agents and now he has DQ 3 times and Preston has been doing better them him.

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