Challenge: Free Agents

The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments From Episode 6

This week we finally saw an individual challenge… and it was trivia.

1. Van Riot


The cast goes out to celebrate Jonna’s birthday. All is fun and games until the ride home. During the ride, Johnny and CT get annoyed by Jordan and his cocky attitude. So CT calls Jordan out, and they start fighting. Eventually, CT says that he’ll fight Jordan and kick his ass if Jordan signs a release. Of course Jordan doesn’t.

2. Challenge IQ


This week we see the first individual challenge, but of course it was a trivia game named Smarty Pants. The contestants were asked a series of questions and if they got two wrong they’d be thrown off a platform into the water. The first 4 to fall were subject to the draw while the winners received immunity and the power to vote someone into elimination. During this challenge we learned that most of the cast does not remember anything from the third grade and that Bananas thinks Dutch is the official language of Australia. Due to his knowledge of Disney Princesses, Zach wins for the guys. Due to the fact that she doesn’t want to get her hair wet, Devyn wins for the girls.

3. Laurel the G


Devyn has forgiven Theresa for her shady vote last week, and now that Devyn has power she still wants to send Laurel into elimination. Devyn decides to tell Laurel, but Laurel is not having it! Laurel suggests that Theresa goes in because she’s shady and backstabbing. Then Laurel precedes to write down the names of all of girls in the house and explain to Devyn that she will become first on her pecking order if she sends Laurel into elimination.

4. Voting With Your Brain


Zach wants to send Swift into elimination, because he’s a newbie and no one will give a shit. So Swift is going in. Devyn is convinced by Laurel and decides to vote in Theresa. This surprises Theresa who now wants to give Devyn some payback.

5. Sent for a Looper


The Draw claims Jordan and Camila as its victims in the game Looper. Unlike Nia & Cara Maria’s battle, this time there is rope by the bell and the harnesses have padding to prevent them from cutting off circulation. Swift faces Jordan, who defeats him with ease. Then Camila has to face Theresa. Initially they reach a stalemate, but Camila starts to struggle against a larger competitor. She cries, knowing she cannot pull Theresa and eventually lets go of her rope and gives up, disappointing herself even further. Swift and Camila are gone.


  1. I really liked the scene where Laurel wrote down her “Execution” list haha
    I was sad that Camila left, I always root for her each season, I hope we see her again. Devyn also said on twitter that there was a lot of drama during the deliberation, I wish they would of shown more of that.

  2. I thought it was so stupid that they added the rope. I know they probably didn’t want to make it last 80+ minutes again, but in the case of the guys it turned from being a grueling endurance fest to just a simple footrace. Not very exciting tv

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