Do The Real World Girls Stand a Chance?

So far we’ve seen 6 female eliminations. Of these 6, 4 of them were won by girls from Fresh Meat.

Despite the fact that there are only 3 girls from Fresh Meat 2 (in addition to Camila from the Spring Break Challenge) it seems that the Fresh Meat girls are dominating Free Agents.


They’ve proven that they’re here to fight. 10 Real World girls entered the house, and now only 5 remain. To be honest, most of these girls have flown under the radar and haven’t really proven themselves to be top competitors. Perhaps Jessica has exceeded expectations, but the other 4 remaining haven’t established themselves in the game. When it comes to picking teams Laurel, Cara Maria, and Theresa are consistently among the first picks.

This poses the question of whether or not the Real World girls stand a chances against powerhouses like Laurel, Cara Maria, and Theresa. Now that we’re seeing individual challenges the Real World girls will have to step up their game if they want to overpower the Fresh Meat girls.

On the most recent episode we saw Devyn nominate Theresa into elimination, which resulted in Camila’s departure. Even though she shied away from sending in Laurel, she does have the right idea. Any time a Real World girl has the power to nominate a Fresh Meat girl, she must seize that opportunity.

Do you think a Real World girl could win the whole thing, or are the doomed to lose to a Fresh Meat girl?


10 thoughts on “Do The Real World Girls Stand a Chance?

  1. I’m hoping that Cara Maria takes 1st but I know that Laurel is a great competitor who is a shoe-in to win. The way the game is set up, they’re competing against each other but haven’t had had to go toe-to-toe yet and I cringe to think that possibility for the final because I don’t want winning/losing to break their friendship.

    Nany seems to be the only stand-out from RW girls. I would love to see Aneesa do well but she just isn’t an endurance athlete. The finals are increasingly brutal and long. Aneesa seems to perform the best in elimination rounds and generally at being an intimidating presence in the house but not at challenges or finals.

    I miss Paula! I wonder if she’ll ever return to the games now that she has a baby or if the games will be around long enough for her to return to…

    They should bring back Ruthie! Or Johanna, Sophia, Genesis, etc. There are still a lot of options for casting women from RW, it seems.

  2. I remember back when it was Road Rules vs Real World and the Road Rules girls would always kick ass compared to those in the Real World, so in this context it makes sense that these Fresh Meat girls are kicking these Real World girls’ ass in challenges

    • Yeah, I remember that, too. Both Road Rules and Fresh Meat folks were cast at least in part for their athletic ability. Real World folks weren’t or at least this wasn’t considered until much later in the series.

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