Can Preston Sneak His Way to the End?

Coming into this Challenge, everyone (myself included) had low expectations for Preston. Despite the fact that he almost made it to the finals on Rivals 2, he never really stood out as a stellar competitor.


However, he has managed to exceed my expectations… to the point where he’s actually a good competitor. I know a few individuals who thought he was a waste of a cast member on an individual challenge, but he more than held his own weight. Even though he has managed to out perform some of the top dogs, he continuously gets picked last for teams.

Now that we’re half way through the game, the end is starting to come into sight. He has avoided the first 6 eliminations and there’s only 5 left. At this point he has done a pretty good job of not stepping on toes, maintaining some friendships, and staying out of The Draw. If he is able to avoid elimination (or win in elimination) for the rest of the game he will actually make it to the final.

And here’s the thing about Preston in a final: he can run. Many for the recent finals get criticized for relying almost entirely on distance running to determine the winner, but if the final calls for distance running Preston may stand a chance.

All evidence points to Preston being a better competitor than he gets credit for, but there is a possibility that he has just been lucky so far. What do you think?


One thought on “Can Preston Sneak His Way to the End?

  1. If he stays out of the draw he should be able to make it pretty far seeing that most competitors want the “alpha dogs” out of the final so they have a better chance of winning.

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