The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments From Episode 7

This week we saw the elimination round we’ve all been waiting for… Jordan vs. Bananas. Let’s check out all of the top moments from episode 7 of Free Agents.

1. Sausage Fest


This week’s challenge was named Sausage Party and the challengers competed individually. The challenge wrapped every cast member in plastic wrap and they had to roll around an obstacle course and race each other. The obstacles included rolling over a hot grill, rolling through condiments and placing yourself on a bun. Laurel was the front runner for the girls, and Cara Maria was the only girl who was even close. Zach and Johnny R. were the front runners for the boys. Ultimately, Laurel and Johnny won.

2. Friends or Foes?


The cast goes out to drink, but Aneesa wants to seize the opportunity to talk to Laurel. She is upset that Laurel isn’t working with her, and knows that she’s on the chopping block. Aneesa tried to convince Laurel to vote in Jessica, but Laurel really isn’t buying what Aneesa’s selling. Originally Laurel was debating between sending in Aneesa and Theresa, but Aneesa pretty much seals her fate.

3. Hated and Nominated


Laurel ultimately selected Aneesa for elimination. Johnny then selected to send in Johnny Bananas. This decision is heavily influenced by Jordan, who has landed himself a spot in The Draw and wants to take out Bananas. So it looks like two veterans have found themselves fighting for their lives once again.

4. Flip or Flop


Jordan is in The Draw, but he wants to take out Bananas. He talks to Laurel and explains that he is going to go into elimination and flip every card to guarantee he’ll face Bananas. Secretly, Jordan want to hear that it would be OK for him not to flip the cards, but Laurel assures him that it will be a bad ass move. Once they get to the draw the entire cast is expected Jordan to cop out, but no! He actually flips all the cards and secures a spot against Johnny.

5. Wrecking It All


We see the Wrecking Wall elimination again. In addition to Jordan, the Draw claims Jonna. When Jonna faces Aneesa she quickly realizes why Aneesa is the “elimination queen” and is sent home. Then, Jordan faces Bananas. They start off pretty neck-and-neck, until one wrong move makes Jordan lose his footing. He falls down the wall and is eliminated from the game. This shocks Laurel, but Bananas is thrilled to come out on top.


2 thoughts on “The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments From Episode 7

  1. Neither Johnny nor Jordan were likable in this episode. Johnny has been incredibly insensitive in the way that he speaks about folks with disabilities. He has crossed the line majorly.

    Jordan was just so cocky that it was hard to like him. As much as I wanted to see him and Johnny go into the elimination round together, I still wanted Jordan to change his mind about flipping all of the cards. This reminds me of when Tina was kicked off of a challenge for punching Beth and CT told her that her pride cost her the competition. Losing was a risk that Jordan didn’t need to take at this point. I’m surprised that Laurel and Johnny (from Portland) didn’t realize that it was a poor decision and urge him against it. Jordan seemed to realize this himself as the draw loomed closer but didn’t back out because he didn’t want people to think he was weak or didn’t stand by his word. If someone had advised him against it though, I think he would have chosen differently. I hope that next time he listens to his gut a little more even if it means swallowing his pride.

    I was sad to see Jonna go at this point. It seems that with every challenge she becomes a better competitor. I’m glad that Aneesa is still it though. Gotta love a true vet stepping up to a challenge like that.

    I keep expecting CT to come out ahead in the challenges, especially the individual games. Come on CT!

    • CT has been pretty low key this season–except for his fight at the bar after picking up the tab. I hope to see some more CT drama/romance/challenge dominance before the season is done!

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