Challenge: Free Agents

The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 9

This week we saw Cara Maria fight in ever sense of the word. Let’s check out what happened on The Challenge.

1. Games Before Friends


Laurel is talking about how every girl is looking for her support in the game, and Cara Maria remarks that she’s lucky that she got Laurel first. It seems obvious that these two friends would have each others’ backs, but Laurel says that if she has power in the game, she would consider nominating Cara Maria for elimination. This frustrates Cara, and Laurel tells Cara that she’s being annoying. The two become angry and stop talking.

2. Play Ball!


This week’s challenge was named Dug Out, and we’ve seen it before on other seasons. The six girls paired into teams of two (same with the boys) and they have to transport balls down ramps and bring them to their opposite side. The catch? All of the paths intersect in the middle allowing for collisions to happen. For the girls, Theresa and Nany run faster than the other pairs (Devyn and Laurel, Cara Maria and Jessica) so they win. CT and Zach pair up for the guys, and of course no one else stood a chance.

3. All You Need Is Love?


The winning teams are unsure of whether they want to vote Leroy or Cohutta into elimination. They’re leaning towards Cohutta, but Nany doesn’t want to send him in. She then tells Cohutta that he’s in danger, and he wants her to fight for him to stay. Nany claims that she doesn’t have much power, but Cohutta wants her to do whatever she can to keep him safe.

4. Voting For  The Worst


Jessica is unanimously voted into elimination for the girls. Some people say that they want to see her prove herself, but CT is blatantly honest and says that she is the girl he’d least like to be paired with. Nany votes Johnny R. into elimination, but the other three vote for Cohutta, so he is sent into elimination as well.

5. It Takes Balls


The Draw claims Cara Maria and Leroy as its victims, and production decides that we haven’t seen enough balls transported this episode so they’re competing in the Balls In elimination. First we see Jessica fight Cara Maria, and she gives it her all. However, she never gets any balls in… she just wrestles Cara Maria a few times. Cara Maria manages to get only 2 balls in, but it’s enough to win. Then we see Leroy fight Cohutta, and it’s not even close. Leroy gets his first three balls in and prevents Cohutta from getting any balls in, so he wins a quickly as possible.

Though she wins, Cara Maria truly gets the shitty end of the stick. During elimination, Laurel roots for Jessica. After the game, her hand starts to hurt. She sees a medic, who recommends that she gets an x-ray. Could this bring her game to a abrupt halt?


  1. Jessica really surprised me! Even though I cringed every time she blocked Cara Maria’s attempts out of devotion to CM, I was impressed with her efforts. Good job, Jess!

    I like both Cohutta and Leroy quite a bit. Cohutta really gave his all and it was sad to see him defeated but I’m glad that Leroy will be able to stay. Leroy is so kind–no matter what happens, he is quick to congratulate the other players. He doesn’t become angry at teammates when they fail and doesn’t have a problem admitting when he feels like he doesn’t perform to his best ability. He always builds people up. Such a good sport and an amazing competitor.

    1. td, I share the same emotions at you.Jessica played very well, especially as defense. She proved to be quite strong, but utterly horrible at basketball. No one should ever toss the ball during Balls In.

      And LeRoy is such a good sport about things, he handles winning and losing very well. Last episode was a prime example. He was really nice to Johnny despite the fact that Johnny screwed him in the mission. He was also willing to compliment Cohutta rather than boast about his victory after elimination. However, I was secretly rooting for Cohutta.

      1. Ha ha, I felt an irrational excitement when I saw you’re response! I love this blog and appreciate how much work you put in to making space for fans to have a news and connection and it was just really cool to see that we agreed! This is the only blog that I’ve ever participated in as anything besides a spectator. No one in my life watches this show and this is the only space I’ve been able to talk to others about it even though I’ve been watching the Challenges since elementary school! Thank you for making for this space and for being a cool moderator!

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