CT or Johnny Banans: Which Vet is Better

As the close of Free Agents comes closer and closer, we’re left with two of the biggest, baddest, and most seasoned Challengers in the house. Of course, this refers to Johnny Bananas and CT. Recently, MTV posted an article where CT talked about his relationship with Johnny saying that JB is like a brother to him: they get under each others’ skin but ultimately bring out the best in each other.

So let’s compare the two vets, and see who’s better by checking out some of the key elements that it takes to win a Challenge.



Need I say more?

I think the picture above says it all. CT clearly has the advantage here. When it comes to sheer intensity, CT trumps Bananas. He can punch harder, pusher heavier, and go from 0 to 100 at the flip of a switch.



This is where Johnny shines. CT can go from 100 to 0 just as quickly as he can go from 0 to 100. The Battle of the Exes finale is a prime example of CT gassing out when Johnny still had gas left in him.



This is CT’s hidden talent. At first glance people wouldn’t think of him as a puzzle master, but if you think about it he has done well with puzzles. He beat Evan in The Duel at a puzzle. He got the lead in the Rivals 2 finale after solving a puzzle. On the first challenge on Free Agents he gave his team the advantage by solving a puzzle.

Johnny? He just throws the pieces together and hopes for the best. He lost to Evan in a puzzle on The Gauntlet 3.



This on goes to Johnny. He has made it to the end of many Challenges just by working with the right people. CT, on the other hand, just does whatever he wants.



This one is tough, but I think it goes to CT. Johnny has had some impressive defeats, but CT hits eliminations with more intensity. While Johnny may be intimidated by some people, CT is ultimately his own biggest enemy.



It all comes down to the final, right? And in the end, Johnny is better at them. He has 4 victories compared to CT’s 1. Of course, this gap could become narrower or wider once the winner of Free Agents is determined.

OK, so it’s a tie… of course. What do you think… CT or Bananas? Vote!




2 thoughts on “CT or Johnny Banans: Which Vet is Better

  1. I think C.T. is a better competitor because he doesn’t use alliances to get him through the game. With that being said, I think JB is better at playing the game. JB has more finals and wins, but how many of those were a result of his alliance. Plus, C.T. isn’t afraid to go into an elimination, where as Johnny will throw people under the bus just to save himself. I love both but I’m calling it now, if either is to win I think it’d be JB this season, no logic behind it just guessing.

  2. I really want CT to win. He’s always my favorite male competitor to watch in competition and he’s often surprisingly sweet. Johnny has always been a snake in these challenges. He won points with me when he expressed concern Cara Maria’s hand during the last elimination round but not enough to tip the scales of favor in his direction. I’m rooting for CT and Cara Maria all the way.

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