Real World Skeletons

How Chicago Has Changed Since The Last Real World

It was 13 years ago that The Real World was filming in Chicago for the first time. This season will mostly be remembered for the cast’s reaction to 9/11, Tonya’s kidney stones, and Aneesa’s love for nudity. Now that another season is filming in Chicago, it’s important to understand that a lot has changed with the city.

Uncertain times for Chicago's 'Real World'

Local Chicago website Red Eye has posted this article that breaks down all the changes in the city. In the article they talk about some of the changes to the city, and how the 13 year difference is going to impact the cast. They also caught up with 4 former cast members (shockingly Aneesa was not one of them) to talk about their experience on the show.

The article also confirms that the new seasons starts filming in August.

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