Best Female Real World Challengers

The Challenge is now a show dominated by Real World alumni. Each season we see fewer Fresh Meat alum, and we’re lucky if we even get one Road Ruler. For the girls, the competition continues to be ruled by females from Fresh Meat and Road Rules… and of course oddball Camila.

It seems nearly impossible for a Real World alum to snag a win, but there are some who have established a presence as a strong competitor. So let’s check out the girls who at least pose some sort of a threat.

For purposes of this list, I am excluding girls who only have one Challenge appearance. Some people are able to sneak their way to the end, or just get lucky. So with those girls out of the rankings, here are the girls who have made the best impressions as a Challenger.

10. Tonya Cooley (Real World Chicago)


Don’t be fooled by her crazy antics, at her core Tonya is a respectable Challenger. She does have one victory from her appearance on The Inferno 3, and there are other seasons where she had notable performances (particularly The Inferno 2 and Battle of the Sexes 2). We may never see her on another Challenge, so it’s best to remember her for overcoming the odds and actually winning one.

9. Julie Stoffer (Real World New Orleans)


When it comes down to is, Julie can compete. She may try oddball techniques to advance her game, but when she doesn’t lose focus she performs well. She has one victory from The Extreme Challenge (which had no vote-offs or eliminations), and would probably have a better track record if she wasn’t voted off multiple times based solely on drama.

8. Nany González (Real World Las Vegas)


One of the newer additions to this list, Nany certainly proved herself as a solid competitor during the Free Agents final. On her two prior Challenges she came close to the final. I predict that it will take this girls less time than Paula (I.E. less than 8 seasons) to get her first win.

7. Ruthie Alcaide (Real World Hawaii)


The stand-out girl on the original Battle of the Sexes, Ruthie has never lost her competitive edge. She’s someone who tends to avoid drama, but her small size had proven to be a disadvantage in this game. She may not have won a Challenge yet, but she did win a car once. That should count for something.

6. Jenn Grijalva (Real World Denver)


Jenn’s a true Challenge bad ass, and it’s not just because she was on the Bass Ass team on The Inferno 3. She has a unique way of making it to the end of Challenges, but there’s no denying that there is success in her methods. She has made it to 4 finals… too bad she finished in last every time.

5. Sarah Rice (Real World Brooklyn)


As a performer, Sarah has probably gotten better with time. Too bad her partners continue to get worse. She has been on 7 Challenges, was evicted from 2 because her partner fucked up, and of the remaining 5 she made it to 3 finals. When Sarah as the opportunity for let her competitive nature speak for itself, it speaks loudly. It’s only a matter of time until Sarah finds herself in a format where she can unleash her true competitor.

4. Aneesa Ferreira (Real World Chicago)


Aneesa is the girl you don’t want to compete against in an elimination. Her Challenge record may not be the best, but her elimination record is pretty outstanding. After 10 seasons she continues to surprise viewers, but our jaws would truly drop if she finally won.

3.Coral Smith (Real World Back to New York)


Coral is a true player of the game. Not only can she compete, but she can also mastermind plans to get her foes eliminated. She emerged on the Challenge scene with a victory on 2002’s Battle of the Seasons. Since then she has made it to 3 additional finals, was medically evicted from on season, and quit another. Should she ever return, there’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll still find a way to kick ass.

2. Paula Meronek (Real World Key West)


Paula has appeared on 10 Challenges, but she is the only Real World girl to accumulate more than on Challenge victory. She won both Rivals season, but she also appeared in 3 other finals. Now that she’s has a growing family her Challenge future is up in the air. Even if we never see her again, she went out on a high note with her Rivals 2 victory.

1. Emily Schromm (Real World DC)


An athlete at heart, Emily has never been eliminated from a Challenge. She has seen 5 eliminations and made it to 3 finals. On Rivals 2 she finally claimed a victory alongside Paula. Emily’s secret to doing well on The Challenge is simple: eat well and exercise often. She is the queen of Crossfit and eats like a caveman, but this literally pays off every time she is on a Challenge.

Now, in case anyone is curious, if I had did include people with one Challenge appearance I would have bumped Tonya and Julie and replaced them with Ashley Kelsey and Brittini Sherrod respectively.


  1. Paula would of never won Rivals or Rivals 2 or as many missions if it weren’t for Ev and Emily.

    1. At the same time, you’re only as strong as your weakest player. Also, Paula did better in the Rivals Two final then Emily. Not saying she would’ve gone all the way for both, but she did hold her own.

    2. Agreed. She was a fan favorite for her many appearances who they gave major help to. She like Jen usually rode the coattails of her alliance. Jen just never screwed herself with them like Paula.

  2. Let’s do a 10 best **MALE** Real World Challengers list, with males who have competed in a minimum of three challenges. This is what my list would look like:

    10. Zach
    9. Leroy
    8. Ty
    7. Alton
    6. The Miz
    5. Brad
    4. Landon
    3. Wes
    2. CT
    1. Bananas

    1. In my opinion

      1. Landon
      2. CT
      3. Johnny D
      4. The Miz
      5. Brad
      6. Alton
      7. Wes
      8. Jamie
      9. Frank S
      10. Zach

      1. I completely forgot about Tyler

        1. Landon
        2. CT
        3. Johnny D
        4. The Miz
        5. Brad
        6. Alton
        7. Wes
        8. Jamie
        9. Tyler
        10. Frank S

      2. When I first made my list I thought those two were interchangeable but I thought Wes has seriously downgraded since the duel. He did good on Rivals but did terrible in the next two challenges. In my opinion he only won Rivals 2 because CT had more alliances then Wes and CT had to keep motivating him in the final. Alton still kept in good shape since Inferno 3 even those his attitude sucked he still performed well in the missions. Also Alton would beat Wes in most things.

  3. If you were to bump off some people and put another (with one challenge) I’d say Svetlana. She held her own and went into several eliminations.

  4. ON THE FLIP SIDE, if there was a list of the **WORST** challenge competitors — Real World, Road Rules or Fresh Meat, here is what my list would look like. This list includes players who have participated in a minimum of two challenge seasons or one final challenge:

    10. Danny (RW: Austin)
    9. Knight
    8. Isaac
    7. Nick
    6. Chet
    5. Cohutta
    4. Vinny
    3. Preston
    2. Tyrie
    1. Big EZ

    10. Katie
    9. Colie
    8. Jasmine
    7. Emilee
    6. Katelynn
    5. Devyn
    4. Shauvon
    3. Casey
    2. Naomi
    1. Brooke

    NOTES: Danny and Knight talk a better game than they can play, and Danny cracks under pressure. Chet and Cohutta are likable competitors, but are no match in physical competitions. Vinny sucks at puzzles, and cracks under pressure. Like Chet and Cohutta, Jasmine is WORTHLESS in any kind of physical battles. Naomi is included in this list, as she participated in the first mission on Rivals II, before withdrawing due to a family emergency. If there was a place for an 11th female, I would include Sam, as even though she has only participated in one challenge, we saw how she held up her San Diego teammates in the final mission in “Battle of the Seasons.”

    1. Worst Females:

      1. Shauvon
      2. Casey
      3. Katelynn
      4. Naomi
      5. Cameran
      6. Jisela
      7. Brooke
      8. Emilee
      9. Jasmine
      10. Colie
      Even though I would like to put Devyn on this list you got to admit going to 2 finals in a row without being eliminated is impressive.

      Worst Males:

      1. Big EZ
      2. Tyrie
      3. Vinny
      4. Preston
      5. Latterian
      6. Nick
      7. Brandon
      8. Knight
      9. Ace
      10. Danny

      1. I think it was a good idea to leave Devyn off the list, because at least she finished the final. You and I both know several of those girls on your list wouldn’t haha.

    2. What about Jo from Gauntlet two, at least those people competed in one challenge, she left before any of the challenges (excluding the first captains pick).

      1. I felt like she should not of been there because she did not know anyone and she was not on a show in over a decade. She was not used to a bunch of partying and drunken people. I wished she stayed though because I could see her winning a few eliminations.

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