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Real World Cancun’s CJ Koegel on American Ninja Warrior

Recently I’ve started watching the show American Ninja Warrior. As I watch the show I can’t help but think that some of the Challengers would be a perfect fit for a competition like this. Little did I know that one Challenger already had a chance at being an American Ninja Warrior.

That’s right, CJ from Real World Cancun was a contestant on the show, though he didn’t advance past the first round. His appearance was prior to Battle of the Seasons, and if you saw that Challenge you’ll know he was one of the best competitors.

His background story also puts a lot of emphasis on his history as an aspiring NFL punter, a storyline that we saw during The Real World.

In addition to CJ, you will notice former Challenge host Jonny Moseley giving commentary.

If you’re a fan of American Ninja Warrior, which Challengers do you think would excel in this competition?


  1. I initially wanted to say CT but there are certain obstacles where someone with a build like him would be weighed down by all that muscle.

    1. I think what Morgan said is right. CT is a beast, but he’s not the nimble type that would excel on the obstacles on ANW. Someone like Alton, who rock climbs for fun and is a fan of extreme sports would be more likely to do well. I also think Emily S. and even Frank S. would do well.

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